Glass Cylindrical Lens

Product TypePart Numberλ (nm)Dimension (mm)EFL (mm)MaterialET (mm)CT (mm)
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-10×10-0.5-2106410 x 1012.7N-BK72.04.3
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-10X10-20-2106410 x 1020.0N-BK72.03.3
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-10X10-25-2106410 x 1025.0N-BK72.03.0
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-10X20-0.5-2106410 x 2012.7N-BK72.04.3
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-10X20-20-2106410 x 2020.0N-BK72.03.3
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-10X20-25-2106410 x 2025.0N-BK72.03.0
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-50-2106420 x 2050.0N-BK72.04.0
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-75-2106420 x 2075.0N-BK72.03.3
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-100-3106420 x 20100.0N-BK73.04.0
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-150-3106420 x 20150.0N-BK73.03.7
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-200-3106420 x 20200.0N-BK73.03.5
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-250-3106420 x 20250.0N-BK73.03.4
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-300-3106420 x 20300.0N-BK73.03.3
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-500-3106420 x 20500.0N-BK73.03.2
PO/CX CylindricalLCY-20X20-1000-3106420 x 201000.0N-BK73.03.1
PO/CC CylindricalLCY-10X10+0.5-4.3106410 x10-12.7N-BK74.32.0
PO/CC CylindricalLCY-10×10+25-3106410 x 10-25.0N-BK73.02.0
PO/CC CylindricalLCY-10×20+0.5-4.3106410 x 20-12.7N-BK74.32.0
PO/CC CylindricalLCY-10×20+25-3106410 x 20-25.0N-BK73.02.0
PO/CC CylindricalLCY-20×20+50-4106420x 20-50.0N-BK74.02.0

Glass Cylindrical Lens Diagram Glass Cylindrical Lens Diagram 2

The Glass Cylindrical Lens is used to focus an incoming beam in a single focal line than at a single focal point, it comes with both positive and negative focal lengths. Wavelength Opto-Electronics can offer customized cylindrical lenses upon request.

Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.25mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.25mm
Parallelism: ≤ 10arcsec or 30 ± 5arcmin
Clear Aperture: ≥ 85% of central diameter
Surface Quality: 10–5 Scratch & Dig
AR Coating: R≤0.25% per surface @ 1064nm (Single Wavelength) | R≤0.3% @ 1064nm (Dual Wavelength)
Damage Threshold: 10J/cm2, 10ns, 20Hz @ 1064nm (Single Wavelength) | 3.5J/cm2, 10ns, 20Hz @ 532nm (Dual Wavelength) | 7J/cm2, 10ns, 20Hz @ 1064nm (Dual Wavelength)

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