Aspheric Lens

Aspherical Lens & Spherical Lens Diagram

Compared to conventional spherical lens, the most significant advantage of the aspherical lens is that it can perform spherical aberration correction. 

The aspheric lens allows the designer to correct the aberration with fewer optical lenses than the spherical lenses, so the optical system can be lower at cost and more compact in size.

Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.13mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.25mm
Focal Length Tolerance: ±2%
Edge Thickness Variation (ETV): ≤ 3 arc min
Clear Aperture: >90%
Aspheric Accuracy: ≤1µm P-V
Surface Quality: 40-20 S-D
AR Coating: R<0.2% per surface @ 1030-1090nm
Material: Fused Silica, Suprasil 313, Corning 7980

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)EFL (mm)Dia (mm)MaterialET (mm)WD (mm)AssemblyL x W (mm x mm)CT (mm)BFL (mm)
Aspheric LensLFAS-1.5-100-ET4106410038.1Glass4-Single--95.2
Aspheric LensLFAS-1.5-125-ET4106412538.1Glass4-Single--120.7
Aspheric LensLFAS-1.5-150-ET4106415038.1Glass4-Single--146
Aspheric LensLFAS-1.5-200-ET4106420038.1Glass4-Single--196.4

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