Ronar-Smith® F-Theta Scan Lenses

Ronar-Smith® f-theta scan lenses, commonly known as the f-theta lenses, are meticulously designed and crafted for a broad range of laser applications. With over a decade of expertise in optical grade and coating production, Ronar-Smith® f-theta lenses yield some of the world’s finest optical performance in the market.

Don’t limit what you see. Customization may be available for this product. Let us know your specifications in the RFQ form. You may also browse our manufacturing capabilities.

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)EFL (mm)Scan Field (mm x mm)Input Beam Dia
(1/e2) (mm)
F-Theta (Standard or Telecentric)MaterialMounting ThreadWD (mm)
Achromatic Scan Lens *NEW*SLA-355-1064-40-100-D10355/106410040 x 4010StandardOptical GlassM58x143.5
Telecentric Scan Lens *NEW*TSL-532-10-56Q-D20-V15325610 x 1020TelecentricFused SilicaM55x125.3
Single Axis Scan LensSL-1070-260X26-360Q-D221070360261 x 26.122StandardFused SilicaØ230 Flange471.9
Scan LensSL-257.5-280-450Q-D14257.5450280 x 28014StandardFused SilicaM85x1537.9
Scan LensSL-266-70-100Q26610070 x 705StandardFused SilicaM85x1132.0
Scan LensSL-266-100-160Q266162.3100 x 1005StandardFused SilicaM85x1198.8
Scan LensSL-266-150-250Q266250150 x 1504StandardFused SilicaM55x1298.4
Scan LensSL-355-50-100-D10-LP343-35510050 x 5010StandardOptical GlassM85x1130.0
Scan LensSL-355-60-100Q343-35510060 x 606StandardFused SilicaM85x1136.9
Scan LensSL-355-76-108Q343-35510876 x 766StandardFused SilicaM85x1137.0
Scan LensSL-355-60-110Q343-35511060 x 606StandardFused SilicaM85x1137.4
Scan LensSL-355-85-160Q343-35516085 x 8510StandardFused SilicaM85x1216.2
Scan LensSL-355-100-160Q343-355160100 x 1007StandardFused SilicaM85x1197.4
Scan LensSL-355-105-170Q343-355170105 x 1056StandardFused SilicaM85x1216.1
Scan LensSL-355-70-180Q-D12343-35518070 x 7012StandardFused SilicaM85x1141.9
Scan LensSL-355-125-210-D10343-355210125 x 12510StandardFused SilicaM55x1260.0
Scan LensSL-355-155-250Q343-355250155 x 15510StandardFused SilicaM85x1297.7
Scan LensSL-355-160-210Q-D12343-355210160 x 16012StandardFused SilicaM85x1247.2
Scan LensSL-355-175-254Q343-355254175 x 17512StandardFused SilicaM79x1/M85x1304.9
Scan LensSL-355-168-255Q343-355255168 x 16810StandardFused SilicaM85x1322.4
Scan LensSL-355-180-295Q343-355295180 x 18010StandardFused SilicaM85x1359.6
Scan LensSL-355-210-330Q343-355330210 x 21014StandardFused SilicaM85x1265.1
Scan LensSL-355-250-360Q-D12343-355360250 x 25012StandardFused SilicaM85x1418.1
Scan LensSL-355-320-580Q-D10
343-355580320 x 32010StandardFused SilicaM85x1671.5
Scan LensSL-355-330-511Q343-355511330 x 33014StandardFused SilicaM85x1606.0
Scan LensSL-355-350-580Q343-355580350 x 35010StandardFused SilicaM85x1682.8
Scan LensSL-355-400-580Q343-355580400 x 40010StandardFused SilicaM79x1677.6
Scan LensSL-355-400-580Q-D15343-355580400 x 40015StandardFused SilicaM85x1652.3
Scan LensSL-355-500-750Q-D10343-355750500 x 50010StandardFused SilicaM79x1861.5
Scan LensSL-355-600-800Q343-355800600 x 60014StandardFused SilicaM79x1888.4
Scan LensSL-355-500-815Q343-355815500 x 50010StandardFused SilicaM85x1976.4
Scan LensSL-355-440-830Q343-355830440 x 44014StandardFused SilicaM85x1979.1
Scan LensSL-355-600-840Q-D10343-355840600 x 60010StandardFused SilicaM79x1931.8
Scan LensSL-355-470-920Q343-355919470 x 47014StandardFused SilicaM85x11035.1
Scan LensSL-355-650-935Q-D14343-355935650 x 65014StandardFused SilicaM79x1888.5
Scan LensSL-355-750-935Q-D14343-355935750 x 75014StandardFused SilicaM79x1888.5
Scan LensSL-355-800-1117Q-D10343-3551117800 x 80010StandardFused SilicaM79x11148.3
Scan LensSL-355-1050-1470Q-D10343-35514701050 x 105010StandardFused SilicaM79x11300.4
Scan LensSL-405-110-175Q405175110 x 1106StandardFused SilicaM55x1209.4
Scan LensSL-405-140-210Q405210140 x 14010StandardFused SilicaM55x1162.8
Scan LensSL-405-160-210Q405210160 x 1607StandardFused SilicaM55x1264.5
Scan LensSL-405-163-263Q405263163 x 16310StandardFused SilicaM85x1321.9
Scan LensSL-405-300-420-D15405420300 x 30015StandardOptical GlassM85x1491.1
Scan LensSL-405-330-511Q405511330 x 33014StandardFused SilicaM79x1594.6
Scan LensSL-405-327-570Q405570327 x 32710StandardFused SilicaM85x1687.9
Scan LensSL-405-380-650Q405650380 x 38017StandardFused SilicaM85x1738.1
Scan LensSL-405-600-800Q-D14405800600 x 60014StandardFused SilicaM79x1913.4
Scan LensSL-450-115-339Q-D30420-480339115 x 11530StandardFused SilicaM85x1459.9
Scan LensSL-450-180-339Q-D20420-480339180 x 18020StandardFused SilicaM85x1459.9
Scan LensSL-450-80-240-D3045024080 x 8030StandardOptical GlassM85x1315.4
Scan LensSL-450-115-240-D20450240115 x 11520StandardOptical GlassM85x1315.4
Scan LensSL-532-74-113Q515-54511374 x 746StandardFused SilicaM85x1140.5
Scan LensSL-532-90-163Q515-54516390 x 9010StandardFused SilicaM85x1204.6
Scan LensSL-532-110-170Q515-545170110 x 11010StandardFused SilicaM85x1216.7
Scan LensSL-532-115-165Q515-545165115 x 11510StandardFused SilicaM85x1220.7
Scan LensSL-532-165-260Q515-545260165 x 16510StandardFused SilicaM85x1338.4
Scan LensSL-532-185-255Q-D10515-545255185 x 18510StandardFused SilicaM85x1317.8
Scan LensSL-532-205-330Q515-545330205 x 20514StandardFused SilicaM85x1389.5
Scan LensSL-532-210-420Q-D20515-545420.5210 x 21020StandardFused SilicaM85x1517.9
Scan LensSL-532-212-348Q-D14515-545348212 x 21214StandardFused SilicaM85x1276.1
Scan LensSL-532-365-615Q515-545615365 x 36510StandardFused SilicaM85x1707.0
Scan LensSL-532-500-815Q515-545815500 x 50010StandardFused SilicaM85x1936.7
Scan LensSL-532-58-905329058 x 586StandardOptical GlassM85x196.5
Scan LensSL-532-70-10053210070 x 7010StandardOptical GlassM85x199.0
Scan LensSL-532-115-165532165115 x 11510StandardOptical GlassM85x1183.5
Scan LensSL-532-115-170532170115 x 11514StandardOptical GlassM85x1195.4
Scan LensSL-532-135-200532200135 x 13520StandardOptical GlassM85x1230.8
Scan LensSL-532-155-250-D20532250155 x 15520StandardOptical GlassM85x1288.9
Scan LensSL-532-150-254532254150 x 15010StandardOptical GlassM85x1280.0
Scan LensSL-532-180-254532254180 x 18010StandardOptical GlassM85x1303.0
Scan LensSL-532-225-410532410225 x 22514StandardOptical GlassM85x1445.5
Scan LensSL-532-297-420532420297 x 29715StandardOptical GlassM85x1477.7
Scan LensSL-532-335-520532520335 x 33516StandardOptical GlassM85x1599.2
Scan LensSL-532-500-750532750500 x 50016StandardOptical GlassM85x1911.2
Scan LensSL-915-175-254915254175 x 17516StandardOptical GlassM85x1285.4
Scan LensSL-915-300-420-D20915420300 x 30020StandardOptical GlassM85x1467.8
Scan LensSL-915-340-500Q-D20915500340 x 34020StandardFused SilicaM85x1594.9
Scan LensSL-915-600-970Q-D10915970600 x 60010StandardFused SilicaM85x11052.3
Scan LensSL-980-160-260Q-D20980260160 x 16020StandardFused SilicaM85x1318.4
Scan LensSL-980-215-340Q-D20980340215 x 21520StandardFused SilicaM85x1119.6
Scan LensSL-980-280-420Q980420280 x 28014StandardFused SilicaM85x1497.3
Scan LensSL-980-410-647Q-D20980647410 x 41020StandardFused SilicaM85x1559.4
Scan LensSL-980-450-650Q-D30980650450 x 45030StandardFused SilicaM123x1784.9
Scan LensSL-980-450-812-D30980812450 x 45030StandardOptical GlassM112x1897.2
Scan LensSL-980-53-989809853 x 5310StandardOptical GlassM85x1114.8
Scan LensSL-980-70-10098010070 x 7014StandardOptical GlassM85x198.0
Scan LensSL-980-109-160980160109 x 10912StandardOptical GlassM85x1186.1
Scan LensSL-980-103-162-D20980162103 x 10320StandardOptical GlassM85x1187.4
Scan LensSL-980-107-163980163107 x 10712StandardOptical GlassM85x1179.7
Scan LensSL-980-90-201-D3098020190 x 9030StandardOptical GlassM85x1241.4
Scan LensSL-980-130-210-D30980210130 x 13030StandardOptical GlassM112x1255.8
Scan LensSL-980-170-250-D30980250170 x 17030StandardOptical GlassM160x1290.0
Scan LensSL-980-209-400-D20980400209 x 20920StandardOptical GlassM85x1485.9
Scan LensSL-980-250-410-D30980410250 x 25030StandardOptical GlassM98x1468.0
Scan LensSL-980-280-420-D20980420280 x 28020StandardOptical GlassM85x1465.3
Scan LensSL-980-340-500-D20980498.4340 x 34020StandardOptical GlassM85x1568.7
Scan LensSL-980-400-635-D30980635400 x 40030StandardOptical GlassM120x1734.0
Scan LensSL-980-450-812-D30980812450 x 45030StandardOptical GlassM120x1885.5
Scan LensSL-1064-16-100Q106410016 x 1614StandardFused SilicaM55x199.5
Scan LensSL-1064-250-350-D201064350250 x 25020StandardOptical GlassM85x1386.8
Scan LensSL-1064-26-160Q106416026 x 2614StandardFused SilicaM55x1166.5
Scan LensSL-1064-50-100Q-D101030-108010050 x 5010StandardFused SilicaM55x1/M85x1124.9
Scan LensSl-1064-60-250Q106425060 x 6014StandardFused SilicaM55x1263.7
Scan LensSL-1064-66-125Q-D141030-108012566 x 6614StandardFused SilicaM58x158.4
Scan LensSL-1064-70-100Q1030-108010070 x 7010StandardFused SilicaM85x1123.4
Scan LensSL-1064-80-300Q106430080 x 8014StandardFused SilicaM55x1318.4
Scan LensSL-1064-94-163Q1030-108016394 x 9420StandardFused SilicaM85x1204.8
Scan LensSL-1064-111-163Q
1030-1080163111 x 1119.5StandardFused SilicaM79x190.1
Scan LensSL-1064-112-163Q1030-1080163112 x 11210StandardFused SilicaM79x1/M85x1203.7
Scan LensSL-1064-115-1631064163115 x 11510StandardOptical GlassM76x1192.28
Scan LensSL-1064-115-255Q-D201030-1080255115 x 11520StandardFused SilicaM85x1328.4
Scan LensSL-1064-160-255Q-D151030-1080255160 x 16015StandardFused SilicaM85x1328.4
Scan LensSL-1064-170-255Q-D201030-1080255170 x 17020StandardFused SilicaM85x1319.4
Scan LensSL-1064-175-254Q1030-1080254175 x 17510StandardFused SilicaM85x1304.0
Scan LensSL-1064-177-254Q
1030-1080254177 x 1779.5StandardFused SilicaM79x1211.0
Scan LensSL-1064-142-277Q1030-1080277142 x 14215StandardFused SilicaM85x1347.5
Scan LensSL-1064-215-340Q-D201030-1080340215 x 21520StandardFused SilicaM85x1203.8
Scan LensSL-1064-170-350Q-D301030-1080350170 x 17030StandardFused SilicaM120x1292.2
Scan LensSL-1064-220-350Q-D101030-1080350220 x 22010StandardFused SilicaM85x1408.0
Scan LensSL-1064-280-420Q1030-1080420280 x 28014StandardFused SilicaM85x1506.3
Scan LensSL-1064-320-450Q1030-1080450320 x 32014StandardFused SilicaM85x1515.9
Scan LensSL-1064-200-460Q-D301030-1080460200 x 20030StandardFused SilicaM85x1572.8
Scan LensSL-1064-280-500Q-D301030-1080500280 x 28030StandardFused SilicaM120x1618.3
Scan LensSL-1064-340-500Q-D201030-1080500340 x 34020StandardFused SilicaM85x1569.8
Scan LensSL-1064-340-520Q1064520340 x 34020StandardFused SilicaM85x1445.95
Scan LensSL-1064-350-640Q1030-1080640350 x 35010StandardFused SilicaM85x1706.9
Scan LensSL-1064-500-780Q-D151030-1080780500 x 50015StandardFused SilicaM85x1892.4
Scan LensSL-1064-425-875Q-D201030-1080875425 x 42520StandardFused SilicaM85x1975.2
Scan LensSL-1064-450-670Q-D151030-1080670450 x 45015StandardFused SilicaM85x1753.4
Scan LensSL-1064-900-1260Q-D141030-10801260900 x 90014StandardFused SilicaM95 x 21388.9
Scan LensSL-2000-100-160Q2000160100 x 10010StandardFused SilicaM55x1179.6
Scan LensSL-2000-175-254Q2000254175 x 17510StandardFused SilicaM55x1281.7
Scan LensSL-2000-300-420Q2000420300 x 30010StandardFused SilicaM85x1517.3
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-100-254Q-D30-WC1030-1080254100 x 10030StandardFused SilicaM120x1344.5
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-160-330Q-D30-WC1030-1080330160 x 16030StandardFused SilicaM120x1433.8
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-180-400Q-D30-WC1030-1080400180 x 18030StandardFused SilicaM120x1532.2
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-210-400Q-D30-WC1030-1080400210 x 21030StandardFused SilicaM120x1531.4
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-270-610Q-D30-WC1030-1080610270 x 27030StandardFused SilicaM120x1759.4
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-200-420Q-D30-WC1030-1080420200 x 20030StandardFused SilicaM120x1540.4
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-755-1400Q-D30-WC1030-10801400755 x 75530StandardFused SilicaM120x11677.3
Scan LensSL-1064-45-8010648045 x 4510StandardOptical GlassM55x191.4
Scan LensSL-1064-51-100-D20106410051 x 5120StandardOptical GlassM85x1115.8
Scan LensSL-1064-70-100106410070 x 7010StandardOptical GlassM85x198.8
Scan LensSL-1064-80-125106412580 x 8015StandardOptical GlassM85x1152.6
Scan LensSL-1064-70-160-D30106416070 x 7030StandardOptical GlassM100x1172.3
Scan LensSL-1064-100-160-D201064160100 x 10020StandardOptical GlassM85x1187.9
Scan LensSL-1064-104-160A1064160104 x 10410StandardOptical GlassM85x1181.4
Scan LensSL-1064-110-F160B1064160110 x 11012StandardOptical GlassM85x1183.0
Scan LensSL-1064-107-1631064163107 x 10712StandardOptical GlassM85x1180.6
Scan LensSL-1064-112-1631064163112 x 11210StandardOptical GlassM85x1184.9
Scan LensSL-1064-100-165-D251064165100 x 10025StandardOptical GlassM85x1197.1
Scan LensSL-1064-120-1701064170120 x 12014StandardOptical GlassM85x1195.8
Scan LensSL-1064-140-2101064210140 x 14014StandardOptical GlassM85x1238.4
Water Cool Scan LensSL-1064-150-306Q-D30-WC1064306150 x 15030StandardFused SilicaM85x1374.0
Scan LensSL-1064-160-2101064210160 x 16010StandardOptical GlassM85x1246.2
Scan LensSL-1064-100-254-D301064254100 x 10030StandardOptical GlassM85x1303.3
Scan LensSL-1064-174-254G-V11064254174 x 17410StandardOptical GlassM85x1302.1
Scan LensSL-1064-F254B1064254175 x 17510StandardOptical GlassM85x1280.0
Scan LensSL-1064-175-2541064254175 x 17512StandardOptical GlassM85x1288.9
Scan LensSL-1064-180-2541064254180 x 18020StandardOptical GlassM85x1295.0
Scan LensSL-1064-180-2601064260180 x 18010StandardOptical GlassM85x1304.7
Scan LensSL-1064-200-310-D251064310200 x 20025StandardOptical GlassM85x1352.3
Scan LensSL-1064-205-3301064330210 x 21014StandardOptical GlassM85x1385.1
Scan LensSL-1064-305-3381064338305 x 30515StandardOptical GlassM85x1362.8
Scan LensSL-1064-300-4201064419.8300 x 30014StandardOptical GlassM85x1492.0
Scan LensSL-1064-320-350-D151064350320 x 32015StandardOptical GlassM85x1396.1
Scan LensSL-1064-320-420-D301064420320 x 32030StandardOptical GlassM85x1391.8
Scan LensSL-1064-356-5001064500356 x 35614StandardOptical GlassM92x2543.4
Scan LensSL-1064-400-5251064525400 x 40010StandardOptical GlassM85x1597.2
Scan LensSL-1064-330-5801064580330 x 33010StandardOptical GlassM85x1709.5
Scan LensSL-1064-500-779-D101064779500 x 50010StandardOptical GlassM79x1829.1
Scan LensSL-1064-500-8151064815500 x 50024StandardOptical GlassM85x1962.0
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL-1064-140-210Q-D10-LC106421014010StandardFused Silica-258.5
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL-1064-100-170Q-D10-LC106417010010StandardFused Silica-210.7
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL-1064-100x10-170Q-D10-LC1064170100 x 1010StandardFused Silica120.7120.7
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL-1064-100x10-170Q-D20-LC1064170100 x 1020StandardFused Silica-222.7
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL-1064-50-100Q-D10-LC10641005010StandardFused Silica-120.7
Scan LensSL-1550-100-1601550160100 x 1009StandardOptical GlassM85x1175.6
Scan LensSL-1550-240-4201550420240 x 24010StandardOptical GlassM85x1504.3
Achromatic scan lensSLA-1064-10.6-100-160-D101064/10600160100 x 10010StandardZnSeM79x1170.35
Scan LensSLF-1064-63-810646333 x 338StandardOptical GlassM39x169.0
Scan LensSLF-1064-80-810648052 x 528StandardOptical GlassM39x194.0
Scan LensSLF-1064-100-8106410060 x 608StandardOptical GlassM39x1117.8
Scan LensSLF-1064-130-8106413080 x 808StandardOptical GlassM39x1142.4
Scan LensSLF-1064-160-8106416090 x 908StandardOptical GlassM39x1188.1
Scan LensSLF-1064-254-81064254155 x 1558StandardOptical GlassM39x1293.5
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL1-1064-F160-50M1064
160105 x 10510StandardOptical GlassM55x1144.9
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL1-1064-F200-50M1064200130 x 13010StandardOptical GlassM55x1188.8
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL1-1064-F250-50M1064250169 x 16910StandardOptical GlassM55x1237.7
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL1-1064-F300-50M1064300205 x 20510StandardOptical GlassM55x1288.4
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL1-1064-F350-50M1064350240 x 24010StandardOptical GlassM55x1343.2
Laser Cleaning Scan LensSL1-1064-F500-50M1064500333 x 33310StandardOptical GlassM55x1489.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F100ZR-48940010071 x 7112StandardZnSeM85x184.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F150ZR-489400150100 x 10012StandardZnSeM85x1130.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F200ZR-489400200140 x 14015StandardZnSeM85x1181.2
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F250ZR-489400250170 x 17014StandardZnSeM85x1232.7
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F250ZR-659400250175 x 17520StandardZnSeM85x1241.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4--F300ZR-489400300210 x 21012StandardZnSeM85x1283.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F360ZR-489400360250 x 25014StandardZnSeM85x1343.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F435ZR-489400433274 x 27414StandardZnSeM85x1419.2
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F450ZR-489400450330 x 33014StandardZnSeM85x1446.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F480ZR-709400480350 x 35020StandardZnSeM85x1478.5
CO2 Scan LensSL1-9.4-F573Z-489400573432 x 43212StandardZnSeM85x1558.9
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F50ZR-25.4106005015 x 1510StandardZnSeM85x130.4
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F50ZR-35106005020 x 2010StandardZnSeM85x132.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F52ZR-48106005235 x 3510StandardZnSeM85x135.4
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F75ZR-48106007550 x 5010StandardZnSeM85x157.8
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F100ZR-481060010069 x 6910StandardZnSeM85x179.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F150ZR-4810600150100 x 10012StandardZnSeM85x1130.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F200ZR-4810600200140 x 14015StandardZnSeM85x1181.2
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F200ZR-7010600200145 x 14520StandardZnSeM85x1193.7
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F250ZR-4810600250170 x 17014StandardZnSeM85x1232.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F250ZR-6510600250175 x 17520StandardZnSeM85x1241.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F300ZR-4810600300213 x 21312StandardZnSeM85x1283.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F360ZR-4810600360250 x 25014StandardZnSeM85x1343.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F420ZR-7010600420300 x 30020StandardZnSeM85x1403.9
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F420ZR-7510600420300 x 30020StandardZnSeM85x1404.8
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F430ZR-6510600430300 x 30020StandardZnSeM85x1432.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F435ZR-4810600433274 x 27414StandardZnSeM85x1419.2
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F450ZR-4810600450330 x 33014StandardZnSeM85x1446.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F480ZR-7010600480350 x 35020StandardZnSeM85x1478.5
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F480ZR-4810600480350 x 35014StandardZnSeM85x1464.5
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F550ZR-6010600550290 x 29020StandardZnSeM85x1559.8
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F573ZR-4810600573432 x 43212StandardZnSeM85x1558.9
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F573ZR-6210600573394 x 39420StandardZnSeM85x1569.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F574ZR-7510600574420 x 42020StandardZnSeM85x1576.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F620ZR-7010600620450 x 45010StandardZnSeM85x1610.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F720ZR-7510600720560 x 56020StandardZnSeM85x1719.6
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F720ZR-4810600720521 x 52112StandardZnSeM85x1729.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F740ZR-8810600740540 x 54020StandardZnSeM100x1737.2
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F830ZR-7510600830600 x 60020StandardZnSeM85x1816.8
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F977Z-4810600977675 x 67512StandardZnSeM85x1974.8
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F1100ZR-75106001100800 x 80025StandardZnSeM85x11117.1
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F1150ZR-48106001150800 x 80014StandardZnSeM85x11137.4
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F1191ZR-48106001191.6770 x 77012StandardZnSeM85x11196.0
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F1650ZR-481060016501150 x 115012StandardZnSeM85x11617.4
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F1650Z-90
1060016481150 x 115020StandardZnSeM120x11682.3
CO2 Scan LensSL1-10.6-F2122ZR-481060021281385 x 138512StandardZnSeM85x12153.0
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-90-165ZW940016590 x 9020StandardZnSeM85x1188.5
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-50-100Z940010050 x 5016StandardZnSeM85x179.9
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-50-100ZW-D20940010050 x 5020StandardZnSeM85x1131.3
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-70-100ZR940010070 x 7014StandardZnSeM85x1105.6
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-70-144Z
940014470 x 7014StandardZnSeM85x1161.7
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-110-170Z-209400170110 x 11020StandardZnSeM85x1177.1
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-140-200ZR9400200140 x 14015StandardZnSeM85x1219.0
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.5-550-790Z-D309400790550 x 55030StandardZnSeM112x1861.4
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-F300ZR-D209400300170 x 17020StandardZnSeM85x1326.0
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.4-F380Z-D309400380220 x 22030StandardZnSeM102x1425.8
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-9.6-120-200Z-D209600198.8120 x 12020StandardZnSeM85x1230.6
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-120-200Z-D2010600200120 x 12020StandardZnSeM85x1232.0
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-35-60GR1060060.535 x 3512StandardGaAsM85x157.8
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-50-80GR106008050 x 5014StandardGaAsM85x175.7
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-70-122GR1060012270 x 7014StandardGaAsM85x1135.9
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-70-122Z-D101060012270 x 7010StandardZnSeM79x1125.6
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-110-150ZR10600150105 x 10514StandardZnSeM85x1161.7
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-110-170ZR10600170110 x 11010StandardZnSeM85x1185.1
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-210-355Z-D20W10600355210 x 21020StandardZnSeM85x1392.7
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-F170ZR-D2010600170110 x 11020StandardZnSeM85x1177.1
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-F200ZR10600200140 x 14014StandardZnSeM85x1229.4
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-140-220GR10600220140 x 14014StandardGaAsM85x1243.7
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-F250ZR10600250175 x 17514StandardZnSeM85x1286.1
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-F300ZR-D2010600300170 x 17020StandardZnSeM85x1327.8
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-300-420AZR10600420300 x 30016StandardZnSeM85x1466.0
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-300-420GR10600420300 x 30012StandardGaAsM85x1463.1
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-310-415-D3010600415310 x 31030StandardZnSe/GeM120x1454.3
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-350-490ZR10600490350 x 35018StandardZnSeM85x1535.2
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-F560ZR-D3010600560300 x 30030StandardZnSeM85x1604.4
CO2 Doublet Scan LensSL2-10.6-F700ZR-D3010600700500 x 50030StandardZnSeM85x1763.7
CO2 Triplet Scan LensSL3-9.4-50-80W94008050 x 5014StandardZnSeM85x192.0
CO2 Triplet Scan LensSL3-9.4-60-105Z940010560 x 6014StandardZnSeM55x1130.6
CO2 Triplet Scan LensSL3-10.6-50-80Z106008050 x 5014StandardZnSeM85x188.0
CO2 Triplet Scan LensSL3-10.6-50-100Z1060010050 x 5025StandardZnSeM85x1118.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-193-38-100Q-D1519310038 x 3815TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1134.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-248-40-100Q24810040 x 4010TelecentricFused SilicaM60x1131.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-257-12-50Q2575012 x 1210TelecentricFused SilicaM44x127.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-257-45-100Q25710045 x 4510TelecentricFused SilicaM66x1126.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-257-80-150Q25715080 x 8010TelecentricFused SilicaM55x1215.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-257-120-250Q-D14257250120 x 12014TelecentricFused Silica-357.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-266-20-55Q2665520 x 206TelecentricFused SilicaM44x151.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-266-37-100Q-D12266100.437 x 3712TelecentricFused SilicaM80x1140.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-266-50-100Q26610050 x 505TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1135.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-266-120-253Q-D14266253120 x 12014TelecentricFused Silica-361.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-15-65.5Q-D1535565.515 x 1515TelecentricFused SilicaM58x181.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-6-48Q-D1535548.16 x 615TelecentricFused SilicaM85x170.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-8-32Q343-355328 x 810TelecentricFused SilicaM39x116.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-18-60Q343-3556018 x 186TelecentricFused SilicaM85x162.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-20-50Q343-3555020 x 205TelecentricFused SilicaM55x128.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-20-70Q-D10343-3557020 x 2010TelecentricFused SilicaM55x193.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-35-80Q343-3558035 x 356TelecentricFused SilicaM55x1104.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-35-100Q343-35510035 x 3514TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1129.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-50-103Q343-35510350 x 509TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1137.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-50-150Q-D10343-35515050 x 5010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1210.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-63-109Q343-35510963 x 636TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1151.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-100-150Q343-355150100 x 10010TelecentricFused SilicaM79 x 1197.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-100-160Q343-355160100 x 10014TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1237.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-65-163Q343-35516365 x 6510TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1194.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-90-163Q343-35516390 x 9010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1222.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-60-167Q343-35516760 x 6010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1222.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-100-170Q343-355170100 x 10010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1238.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-86-254Q343-35525486 x 866TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1147.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-160-260Q343-355260160 x 16010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1371.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-130-290Q343-355290130 x 13010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1484.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-100-294Q-D30343-355294100 x 10030TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1392.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-180-300-D10343-355300180 x 18010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1402.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-180-320Q-D15-T2343-355320180 x 18015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1468.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-343-180-330Q-D15343-355330180 x 18015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1454.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-343-190-330Q-D14343-355330190 x 19014TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1441.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-160-360Q343-355360160 x 16010TelecentricFused SilicaM150x1440.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-200-367Q-D20343-355367.4200 x 20020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1494.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-200-370Q-T3343-355370200 x 20014TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1532.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-343-220-420Q-D15343-355420220 x 22015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1613.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-230-370Q-D14-V1343-355370230 X 23014TelecentricFused Silica-498.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-230-390Q-D20343-355390230 x 23020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1539.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-300-450Q-D14
343-355450300 x 30014TelecentricFused SilicaM79x1592.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-310-450Q-D10343-355450310 x 31010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1613.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-200-920Q-D14343-355920200 x 20014TelecentricFused SilicaM55x11120.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-405-29-55Q4055529 x 296TelecentricFused SilicaM55x159.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-450-20-128.9Q-D30450128.920 x 2030TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1156.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-450-25-100Q-D30450100.025 x 2530TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1152.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-450-40-128.9Q-D20450128.940 x 4020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1156.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-450-35-130Q-D3045013035 x 3530TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1101.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-6-48Q-D15515-545486 x 615TelecentricFused SilicaM85x160.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-15-67Q-D15515-5456715 x 1515TelecentricFused SilicaM85x168.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-30-80Q515-5458030 x 3012TelecentricFused SilicaM55x180.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-35-100Q-D10515-54510035 x 3510TelecentricFused SilicaM55x1135.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-40-100Q515-54510040 x 4010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1136.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-53-125Q-D10515-54512553 x 5310TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1170.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-65-163Q515-54516365 x6512TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1195.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-90-163Q515-54516390 x 9010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1218.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-141-305Q-D15515-545305141 x 14115TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1486.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-5-25532255 x 510TelecentricOptical GlassM39x17.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-15-585325815 x 1510TelecentricOptical GlassM55x155.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-36-10053210036 x 3616TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1114.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-53-10053210053 x 5315TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1127.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-70-10053210070 x 7014TelecentricOptical GlassM85x193.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-66-10253210266 x 6615TelecentricOptical GlassM85x197.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-75-16353216375 x 7510TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1167.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-140-200N532200140 x 14010TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1268.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-532-310-450Q-D15532450310 x 31015TelecentricFused SilicaM120x1575.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-633-30-10063310030 x 3010TelecentricOptical GlassM85x199.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-633-75-16063316075 x 7510TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1212.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-790-10-50Q-D147905010 x 1014TelecentricFused SilicaM27x123.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-980-50-11098011050 x 5025TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1102.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-980-65-13398013365 x 6510TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1178.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-980-110-170-D30980170110 x 11030TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1135.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-980-130-190-D30980190130 x 13030TelecentricOptical GlassM120x1206.2
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-980-90-162Q-D15-V2900-107016390 x 9015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1210
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-7-48Q-D151030-1080487 x 715TelecentricFused SilicaM85x161.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-7-50Q-D151030-1080507 x 715TelecentricFused SilicaM85x160.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-10-56Q-D201030-10805610 x 1020TelecentricFused SilicaM55x123.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-15-65Q-D151030-10806515 x 1515TelecentricFused SilicaM85x171.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-20-82Q1030-10808220 x 2015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x185.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-35-75Q-D101030-10807535 x 3510TelecentricFused SilicaM85x147.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-35-100Q-D151030-108010035 x 3515TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1136.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-37-100Q-D201030-109010037 x 3720TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1131.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-50-100Q1030-108010050 x 5010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1126.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-50-105Q-D101030-108010550 x 5010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1141.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-50-109Q-D141030-108010950 x 5014TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1147.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-52-125Q-D14
106412552 x 5214TelecentricFused SilicaM55x1166.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-70-150Q-D201030-108015070 x 7020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1199.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-75-160Q-D201030-108016075 x 7520TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1211.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-80-160Q-D141030-108016080 x 8014TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1192.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-90-163Q1030-108016390 x 9015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1201.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-85-167Q-D201030-108016785 x 8520TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1226.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-100-170Q1030-1080170100 x 10010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1224.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-100-170Q-D201030-1080170100 x 10020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1196.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-80-180Q1030-108018080 x 8010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1259.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-130-254Q-D201030-1080254130 x 13020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1353.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-130-290Q-201030-1080290130 x 13020TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1399.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-150-420Q1030-1080420150 x 15014TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1636.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-18-56-V110645618 x 1810TelecentricOptical GlassM39x159.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-31-80-D2510648031 x 3125TelecentricOptical GlassM85x178.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-40-100-D25106410040 x 4025TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1118.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-60-107106410760 x 6010TelecentricOptical GlassM79x1135.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-66-125106412566 x 6615TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1148.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-73-163106416373 x 7315TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1214.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-90-190106419090 x 9018TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1166.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-125-254-D201064254125 x 12520TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1339.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-126-2161064216126 x 12615TelecentricOptical GlassTK253343.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-140-2201064220140 x 14016TelecentricOptical GlassM100x1289.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1064-190-330-D141064330190 x 19014TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1510.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1550-10-55Q15505510 x 1010TelecentricFused SilicaM44x151.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1550-20-55Q15505520 x 2010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x170.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1550-15-80Q15508015 x 1512TelecentricFused SilicaM85x191.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-1550-80-195Q155019580 x 8015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1271.6
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-2000-20-58Q20005820 x 2010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x179.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-2000-60-103Q200010360 x 6010TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1128.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-2000-90-170Q200017090 x 9015TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1210.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-2900-50-75Z29007550 x 5010TelecentricZnSeM85x190.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-355-35-100Q35510035 x 3514TelecentricFused SilicaM85x1129.7
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-9-40-D14
9400409 x 914TelecentricZnSeM80x136.1
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-30-5294005230 x 3020TelecentricZnSeM85x132.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-50-7594007550 x 5020TelecentricZnSeM85x170.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-46-100G940010046 x 4620TelecentricGaAsM85x1106.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-50-100Z-D20940010050 x 5020TelecentricZnSeM85x1118.8
Telecentric Scan LensTSL2-9.4-60-100Z-D14940010060 X 6014TelecentricZnSeM92x1130.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-70-120940012070 x 7020TelecentricZnSeM85x1111.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-80-150-D25940015080 x 8025TelecentricZnSe/Ge-144.4
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-100-160-D209400160100 x 10020TelecentricZnSeM85x1125.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-122-160-D209400160122 x 12220TelecentricZnSeM85x1130.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-90-170-D20940017090 x 9020TelecentricZnSeM85x1119.9
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-140-200-D209400200140 x 14020TelecentricZnSeM85x1237.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.4-200-300-D149400300200 x 20014TelecentricZnSe/GeM79x1265.5
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-9.6-70-140ZA940014070 x 7015TelecentricZnSeM85x188.3
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-10.6-46-100G1060010046 x 4620TelecentricGaAsM85x1106.0
Telecentric Scan LensTSL-10.6-70-1201060012070 x 7020TelecentricZnSeM85x1111.0
Telecentric achromatic Scan LensTSLA-1064-633-30-75-D101064/6337530 x 3010TelecentricOptical GlassM79x150.3
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-355-405-110-178355 / 405178110 x 11010StandardOptical GlassM85x192.4
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-355-532-90-170355 / 53217090 x 9010StandardOptical GlassM85x1125.6
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-355-635-90-170355 / 63517090 x 9010StandardOptical GlassM85x1116.1
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-355-635-110-220355 / 635220110 x 11010StandardOptical GlassM85x1166.3
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-355-635-212-328355 / 635328212 x 2126StandardOptical GlassM85x1265.2
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1030-950-200-4001030 / 950400200 x 20030StandardOptical GlassM85x1390.2
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-532-25-601064 / 5326025 x 256StandardOptical GlassM79/42x142.1
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-532-100-1631064 / 532163100 x 10012StandardOptical GlassM85x1159.7
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-532-175-2541064 / 532254175 x 17515StandardOptical GlassM85x1262.8
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-635-100-1631064 / 635163100 x 10012StandardOptical GlassM85x1157.6
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-630-150-2541064 / 635254150 x 15030StandardOptical GlassM102x1306.9
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-635-180-2601064 / 635260180 x 18015StandardOptical GlassM85x1261.4
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-635-200-3601064 / 635360200 x 20030StandardOptical GlassM85x1358.4
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1064-850-160-254-D101064/850254160 x 16010StandardOptical GlassM80x1261.7
Achromatic Scan LensSLA-1940-635-60-1631940 / 63516360 x 6014StandardOptical GlassM85x1128.2
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-355-635-50-120355 / 63512050 x 506TelecentricOptical GlassM85x185.4
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-532-635-50-120532 / 63512050 x 5015TelecentricOptical Glass-52.0
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-532-635-60-150532 / 63515060 x 6015TelecentricOptical Glass-79.5
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-808-635-70-163808 / 63516370 x 7014TelecentricOptical GlassM92x199.6
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-1064-515-50-110-D141064/51511050 x 5014TelecentricOptical GlassM67x190.3
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-1064-532-60-1101064 / 53211060 x 6010TelecentricOptical GlassM85x156.7
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-1064-633-18-561064 / 6335618 x 1812TelecentricOptical GlassM85x164.1
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-1064-633-30-75-D101064 / 6337530 x 3010TelecentricOptical GlassM79x150.3
Achromatic Telecentric Scan LensTSLA-1064-660-60-1631064 / 66016360 x 6015TelecentricOptical GlassM85x1108.9

  • F-Theta Lens - Optical Glass (SL)

F-Theta lens is commonly used in galvanometer scanning systems for laser marking, engraving, and cutting; with the ability to deliver a focused spot to many points within a scanning field. We also supply lens adaptors for major scan head providers in the world.

  • F-Theta Lens - Fused Silica (SL-Q)

SL-Q Series F-Theta lens is developed for ultrafast lasers with short pulse width and high pulse energy laser applications. These lenses are made with low dispersion Fused Silica with optical design to avoid back reflection and ghost image.

  • Telecentric F-Theta Lens - Optical Glass (TSL)

Telecentric F-Theta lens is a special type of lens system whereby the deflected off-axial laser beam can be perpendicularly focused on the workpiece as similar to the on-axial focusing beam. The advantage of the telecentric scan lens is that it is able to flatten the field curvature to the least distortion and yet offering superb spot quality throughout the scan field.

  • Telecentric F-Theta Lens - Fused Silica (TSL-Q)

For high powered laser and ultrafast laser sources, we offer TSL-Q series telecentric F-Theta lens to minimize thermal lensing and focal shift.

  • F-Theta Lens - CO2 Laser 9.4/10.6μm (SL1/SL2/SL3)

F-Theta lens is commonly used in conjunction with galvanometer scanning mirrors in laser engraving, cutting, and marking systems. Typically the F-Theta distortion of the lens is kept less than 1% so that it is able to produce a precise spot in the flat field on the image plane.

Doublet F-Theta lens provides better performance than a singlet. It has more even spot size and less spot distortion over the scan field. We use ZnSe or GaAs for this series of scan lenses. Lens adaptors for major scan head providers are available upon request.

SL3 series F-Theta lens consists of three ZnSe elements with or without a protective window; they can reduce spot distortion and achieve more even spot size over the scanning field compared to SL1 and SL2.  SL3 is used for finer CO2 laser applications like an electronic microprocessor.

Lens adaptors for major scan head providers are available upon request.

  • Telecentric F-Theta Lens - CO2 9.4/10.6μm (TSL)

Telecentric F-Theta lens has special configurations in which the arrangement of optics is designed to focus down the beam so that it is always perpendicular to the flat field. This is accomplished by ensuring that the system 'stop' is located at the front focal point of the lens system. The 'stop' is located at the position where the beam is deflected from the axis. In a single-axis scanning system, this location is at the scanning mirror. For two-axis scanning, the stop is mid-way between the mirrors. Adaptors for major scan head providers are available upon request.

  • Achromatic F-Theta Lens (SLA)

Ronar-Smith® achromatic F-Theta lens is designed to limit spherical and chromatic aberration, and bring in two different wavelengths (working and visible wavelength) onto the same plane. This enables the transmission of wavelength-specific laser beam during laser-material processes while ensuring that the visible (feedback) and laser beam wavelength are temporally and spatially matched. Our achromatic scan lens enables machine vision in industrial processes for automation control and feedback while ensuring the product quality is not compromised.

  • Achromatic Telecentric F-Theta Lens (TSLA)

When a vision system is being integrated into a laser machining system, our achromatic telecentric f-theta lens is color-corrected between working wavelength and vision wavelength. The achromatic telecentric f-theta lens offers the benefits as same as the normal telecentric lens yet able to provide accurate vision positioning function. It is very useful for online inspection systems where the operator does not need to have an offline inspection on the workpiece.

  • Water Cool F-Theta Lens (SL-WC)​

SL-WC series of water cool scan lens is developed for high power and large aperture laser welding application, it could minimize lens thermal effects and focal shift.

  • F-Theta Lens For Laser Cleaning (SL-LC)​

SL-LC series of scan lenses are developed for laser cleaning applications.

  • F-Theta Lens - Optical Glass (SL)


  • Telecentric F-Theta Lens - Optical Glass (TSL)


  • F-Theta Lens - CO2 Laser 9.4/10.6μm (SL1/SL2/SL3)

F-Theta Scan Lens 9.4 10.6um F-Theta Lens Diagram 

Doublet F-Theta Scan Lens 9.4 10.6um F-Theta Lens

Triplet F-Theta Scan Lens 9.4 10.6um F-Theta Lens Diagram

  • Telecentric F-Theta Lens - CO2 9.4/10.6μm (TSL)

Telecentric F-Theta Scan Lens CO2 Laser F-Theta Lens Diagram

  • Achromatic F-Theta Lens (SLA)


  • Achromatic Telecentric F-Theta Lens (TSLA)


F-Theta Scan Lens Application Note

Author: Neo – Principle Engineer, Christopher Lee – R&D Manager

Laser Optics Ronar-Smith F-Theta Scan Lenses - F-Theta Lenses - F-Theta Scan Lens - F-Theta Lens
SL Series

Ronar-Smith® F-Theta Scan Lenses are meticulously designed and crafted for a broad range of laser applications. With over a decade of expertise in optical grade and coating production, Ronar-Smith® scan lenses yield some of the world’s finest optical performance in the market. We also provide customization services for customers based on their requirements.

Our F-Theta scan lenses are optimized for laser-material processes, specifically for engraving, cutting, welding, and bonding. The scan lenses are available in working wavelength telecentric (TSL-Q and TSL series) and non-telecentric (SL-Q and SL series) configurations. For a vision system that requires an additional wavelength, we provide achromatic scan lenses in telecentric (TSLA series) and non-telecentric (SLA series) configurations.

Working Principles

F-Theta Scan Lens

For most applications in laser-material processes, a planar imaging field is necessary for quality output. Traditional optics such as paraxial lenses focuses only on their spherical plane, resulting in distortions such as spherical aberration while imaging on a planar surface.

Figure 1.

Field-flattening lenses resolve the challenges of spherical-field-orientated optics by creating a flat focal field, but at the cost of inducing a nonlinear behavior. The displacement term between the effective focal length (𝑓) and the deflection angle (𝜃) prevents a uniform movement (i.e. constant scan rate) of the scanning mirror due to this nonlinearity (𝑓 ∗ tan 𝜃). It also results in an angular field-of-view and causes inaccuracies between varying magnification and observed measurements by the vision system. To resolve this nonlinearity, F-theta lenses are designed and engineered for the beam displacement to be independent of the tangent of the deflection angle.

F-theta lens provides the linear dependence between 𝑓 and 𝜃, creating a linear displacement that is ideal for use with scanners (XY galvanometer with mirrors) rotating at a constant angular velocity. The fixed velocity of the scanners corresponds to a constant velocity of the focal point on the flat focal field, with little to no electronic noise correction required. The complex scanner algorithm for the nonlinear compensation is eliminated, hence providing an accurate, safe, and inexpensive solution to customers.

Figure 2.

Our F-theta scan lenses are designed for a wide range of applications. It is available over a broad wavelength, ranging from UV, VIS, NIR, and CO2 Laser. We also provide custom solutions for any wavelength-specific applications.

Figure 3. Spot Size Diagram

F-theta scan lens are subject to spot size variations on the planar surface, and the spot size diagram plot provides more information about the typical variation as a result of the angle movements of both mirrors on the XY axis of a galvanometer. The spot size variations can also be calculated using the following equation.

Entrance Pupil/Beam Diameter DAPO
Table 1. Where APO is a factor relating the ratio of beam diameter D and entrance pupil.

Telecentric vs Non-Telecentric Scan Lens

Ronar-Smith® F-Theta scan lenses are designed to meet the broad industrial requirements of our customers. When laser-material processes require a constant field of view with no dependency between the lens magnification and the depth, an object-space telecentric lens is recommended. For processes that have less stringent requirements on the quality of finish at the focal plane, a non-telecentric lens is capable of delivering the job to the customers’ satisfaction.

Telecentricity describes the angle of incidence of the laser beam delivered to the surface of the material during laser processing. In general, the angle of incidence for every point on the focal plane is the same, while non-telecentric lenses have varying angles of incidence on different points of the same plane. The end result of telecentricity produces repeatable and homogeneous spot size distribution on the object space field while reducing the effects of parallax error.

Figure 4. Telecentric & Non-Telecentric Lenses

Achromatic Scan Lens

Ronar-Smith® F-Theta achromatic scan lens is designed to limit spherical and chromatic aberration, and bring in two different wavelengths (working and visible) onto the same plane. This enables the transmission of wavelength-specific laser beams during laser-material processes while ensuring that the visible (feedback) and laser beam wavelengths are temporally and spatially matched. Our achromatic scan lens enables machine vision in industrial processes for automation control and feedback while ensuring the product quality is not compromised.

Figure 5. Achromatic Lenses

Important Definitions:

Aperture Stop Surface

F-Theta is usually used in laser scanning systems. The working wavelength is a single wavelength and the working piece is a plane. The F-Theta lens belongs to a large field of view and a small relative system design. Then the aperture stop diameter is equal to the laser beam diameter. In the 2D Galvo Scanner system, there is actually no optical aperture pupil.

If only one mirror is used, the aperture stop is located on the mirror. If two mirrors are used, the aperture stop is located in the middle of the two mirrors, and the beam will be skewed. Usually, they will use two galvanometers and focus the beam on a 2D plane.

In practical applications, there is no mechanical boundary to create any kind of aperture in it. When designing, they will place the aperture in the middle of the two mirrors, as shown in the figure below.

Figure 6. Aperture Stop Surface Diagram

Scan Angle

Usually, the F-Theta lens has two scanning angles, one scanning angle is an optical scanning angle, and another is a mechanical scanning angle. The optical scanning angle is the field of view of the lens, which determines the diagonal length of the maximum scanning field.

The F-Theta lens specifications usually mention the optical scanning angle, the diagram is as follows:

Figure 7. Optical Scan Angle

The mechanical scanning angle is related to the scanning mirror. It is usually the rotation angle of the two mirrors, which controls the scanning range from two directions. In the Galvo Scanner system, the specifications of the scanner refer to the mechanical scanning angle of the mirror.

The schematic diagram is as follows:

Figure 8. Mechanical Scan Angle

We use two mechanical scanning mirrors as Mirror X angle and Mirror Y angle respectively, then the relationship between them and the optical scanning angle is: (Mirror X angle)2 + (Mirror Y angle)2 = (optical scan angle/2)2

Back Reflection

Back reflection ghosting is the surface reflection from the scanning lens. The reflected focus points appear at different positions. When using a picosecond or femtosecond pulsed laser, the reflected focus point can easily damage the coating or lens material on the lens surface.

This is a challenge for the designer. In the optimization, the designer must not only consider the performance of the design but also avoid the reflection focus point on the lens.

Figure 9. Back Reflection

Ultraviolet Scan Lens: Large-Area Precision Laser Processing

UV lasers at 355nm are advantageous as micromachining tools. Light at this wavelength interacts with materials primarily through photoablation, through which high-energy photons break molecular bonds, resulting in a clean cut with minimal disruptive effects on the surrounding material. For applications ranging from microelectronics to medical equipment production, solid-state UV lasers offer high versatility at low operational costs for the micromachining industry. Demand for large area scanning range, and simplified optical system design for both laser processing and vision inspection beams, present new challenges for a critical component in a laser system, namely, the scanning lens.

Operation Principle

The two main design categories of scan lenses include telecentric and non-telecentric F-Theta scan lenses. Telecentric F-Theta scan lens is a special type of lens system whereby the deflected off-axial laser beam can be perpendicularly focused onto the workpiece like the on-axial focusing beam. The advantage of the telecentric scan lens is that it can flatten the field curvature to be least distorted while offering superb spot quality throughout the scan field. The overall design concept is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Layout of telecentric F-Theta lens

When a vision system is being integrated into a laser machining system, our achromatic telecentric scan lenses are color-corrected between working and vision wavelengths. The achromatic telecentric scan lens offers the same benefits as the normal telecentric lens while providing accurate vision positioning. The design layout is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. The layout of achromatic telecentric F-Theta lens

The key specifications of the UV scan lens are listed below. Compared to similar products in the market, we offer a larger scanning area and flexible design of achromatic performance. For high-powered laser and ultrafast laser sources, we offer a special Q-series to minimize thermal lensing and focal shift.

Achromatic TelecentricNon-TelecentricAchromatic Non-Telecentric
355355 /635355355 /635
EFL (mm)420120800328
WD (mm)56085.4646265
Diameter (mm)35480298104
Input Beam Φ(mm)146256
Scan Field (mm)
Table 1. Specifications of UV scan lens
Figure 3. Outline of the UV F-Theta lens with 600mm scanning field


The large scanning area is advantageous for high throughput precision laser processing. This is essential when display electronics require high-speed manufacturing; e.g. the laser lift-off in flexible and large-area OLED processes. These scanning lenses can work in conjunction with our customized design of beam expanders (refer to WOE application note of Versatile Beam Expansion – from tunable to automation) and new design of beam shapers (refer to WOE application note of Beam Shapers – shaping the beam from DUV to MIR).

Figure 4. Application of UV laser for OLED lift-off process

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An f-theta lens is a type of lens that is commonly used in laser cutting, marking, and engraving machines. It is a special type of lens that is designed to produce a flat field of view and yield a displacement that is linear with a scan angle of θ, which means that the image produced by the lens has the same scale throughout the entire image. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require precise and accurate control over the laser beam, such as in laser cutting and engraving.

The name “f-theta” comes from the mathematical formula that describes the lens’s behavior, which is based on the relationship between the angle of the incoming light and the position of the image formed by the lens. F-theta lenses are usually made of high-quality optical materials, such as fused silica or low-dispersion glass, to ensure maximum transmission and minimal distortion. They are also often coated with anti-reflective coatings to reduce the amount of light that is lost due to reflection.

In an f-theta lens, the curvature of the lens elements is specifically designed to produce this flat field of view. Light entering the lens is refracted at each element, causing it to change direction and converge toward a focal point.

By adjusting the spacing and curvature of the lens elements, an f-theta lens can be optimized for a specific wavelength and field of view. This allows it to produce a flat image over a wide range of angles, making it ideal for precision laser scanning applications.

A telecentric f-theta lens is a specialized type of f-theta lens that has unique properties which make it useful in certain applications. Unlike a standard f-theta lens, the chief rays at different scanning angles from a telecentric f-theta lens are parallel to the optical axis and perpendicular to the image plane, thus can produce better consistent spot size and imaging resolution over the scanning range compared with normal f-theta lens.

Telecentric f-theta lens can be used in applications where spot size/shape needs to keep constant over the working area, or an object may be displaced from the focal plane a bit, such as when cannot guarantee the accurate distance to be processed, using telecentric f-theta lens can make sure no distortion happens.

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