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Diffractive Optical Elements (DOEs)

DOE technologies are emerging in the optics industry. Its applications range from technical optics such as scanning and metrology to bioimaging and printing. DOEs are added to laser systems to control the incident beam’s phase and amplitude and to ‘shape’ the beam to a desired output pattern with distinctive functionality. It uses a surface complex microstructure to direct photons for specific functions.

Part No.Wavelength (nm)Dia (mm)Thickness (mm)Separation AngleNo. of Spots
DOE-355-1x3 *NEW*35525.430.0053˚3
DOE-355-1x4 *NEW*35525.430.048˚4
DOE-355-1x8 *NEW*35525.430.048˚8
DOE-532-1x8 *NEW*53225.430.323/0.232/0.224˚8
DOE-1064-1x4 *NEW*106415.031.15˚4
DOE-1064-1x8 *NEW*106425.430.646/0.464/0.449˚8

Part NumberWavelength (nm)F-theta EFL (mm)Dimension (mm)Input Beam Dia(mm)Flat Tope Beam Size (µm)
DOE-SCAN-1064-254C106425416 x 16 x 34.5116
DOE-SCAN-1064-163106416316 x 16 x 35.0118
DOE-SCAN-532-33053233016 x 16 x 33.0120

Beam Splitter DOEs

Beam Shaper DOEs

Beam Splitter DOE

The collimated laser light is incident onto an array (1 x N or M x N) of Beam Splitter DOE to split the input beam into N beams. The N output beams make some separation angle with the Beam Splitter DOE and there exists the desired zero-order beam for an odd number of beams (N). The focusing lenses are often used to achieve the output at the desired working distance.

Material: Fused Silica
Beam Mode: SM or MM
Separation Angle: ≤ 5°
Transmission Efficiency:  ̴ 100%Overall Efficiency ̴  74- 85%
Uniformity (Contrast): < 1-3%
Zero-Order: relative to the incident beam<0.5-1%
Type: Window
Coating: AR/AR @ 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm

DOEs 1

This setup comprises a laser source, Beam Shaper DOE, scan system/lens, and a working surface. The light passed through the Beam Shaper DOE distributes the Gaussian beam energy into a uniform intensity of either a circular or rectangular top-hat profile.

Material: Fused Silica
Beam Mode: SM or TEM ₀₀ with M²<1.5
Transmission Efficiency:  ̴ 100%
Overall Efficiency:  ̴ 90-95%
Shape: Circular, Rectangular
Type: Window
Coating: AR/AR @ 532nm, 1064nm


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