CO2 Reflective Mirror

Reflective laser optics mirrors must have low reflection losses, high optical quality and good resistance against extreme optical intensity.


Diameter Tolerance : +0/-0.13mm
Thickness Tolerance : ±0.25mm
Parallelism : ≤3 arc min
Clear Aperture : >90%
Surface Flatness : λ/4 per 1” Dia @ 632.8nm
Surface Quality : 40-20 S-D
Angle of Incidence : 45°
LIDT : 5.1 MW/cm² @ 10.6µm

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)MaterialDia (mm)ET (mm)
Reflective MirrorRSI-0.75-310600Silicon19.13.0
Reflective MirrorRSI-1-310600Silicon25.43.0
Reflective MirrorRSI-1.1-310600Silicon27.93.0
Reflective MirrorRSI-1.5-410600Silicon38.14.0
Reflective MirrorRSI-2-510600Silicon50.85.1
Reflective MirrorRSI-2-9.510600Silicon50.89.5
Reflective MirrorRMO-0.75-3Polished SurfaceMolybdenum19.03.0
Reflective MirrorRMO-1-3Polished SurfaceMolybdenum25.43.0

Cavity Optics

CO2 Laser cavity optics consist of Rear mirror and Front mirror ( also called Output coupler or Partial reflector ). Rear Mirrors, typically ZnSe, with very high reflectivity (>99.7%) are key optical components in laser resonator. Output Couplers are partially reflective mirrors to extract a portion of the laser beam from the laser resonator. They often require a slight wedge to prevent interference from multiple reflections inside the component.

Diameter Tolerance : +0/-0.13mm
Thickness Tolerance : ±0.25mm
Centration : < 3 arc min
Clear Aperture : >90%
Surface Quality : 40-20 S-D
Angle of Incidence : 0°

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)MaterialDia (mm)ET (mm)RadiusReflectivity (%)
Rear MirrorRSI-1-4.5-3MCC10600Znse25.44.53M Concave>99.7%
Rear MirrorRSI-1-4.5-5MCC10600Znse25.44.55M Concave>99.7%
Output CouplerOCZ-0.5-2-80%R10600ZnSe12.72.0Plano80+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-0.5-3-92%R10600ZnSe12.73.0Plano92+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-0.75-2-70%R10600ZnSe19.12.0Plano70+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-0.75-3-85%R10600ZnSe19.13.0Plano85+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-0.75-2-95%R-5MCC10600ZnSe19.12.05M Concave95+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-20-85%R-3MCC10600ZnSe20.03.53M Concave85+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-25-3-70%R10600ZnSe25.03.0Plano70+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-25-3-95%R10600ZnSe25.03.0Plano95+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-1-3-80%R10600ZnSe25.43.0Plano80+/-3%
Output CouplerOCZ-1-3-85%R10600ZnSe25.43.0Plano85+/-3%

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