CO2 Beam Splitter


Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)Dia (mm)MaterialET (mm)Side 1 Reflectivity (%R)Polarization
Beam SplitterBSZ-0.5-3-10%R-PIS10600/940012.7ZnSe3.010%Insensitive
Beam SplitterBSZ-1-3-27%R-PIS10600/940025.4ZnSe3.027%Insensitive
Beam SplitterBSZ-1-3-50%R-PIS10600/940025.4ZnSe3.050%Insensitive
Beam SplitterBSZ-1.5-3-50%R-PIS10600/940038.1ZnSe3.050%Insensitive
Beam SplitterBSZ-2-5-50%R-PIS10600/940050.8ZnSe5.050%Insensitive

A beamsplitter splits input light into two, one part is transmitted while the other is reflected. The transmission and reflection of the light depends upon various parameters such as the incident angle, state of polarization, and wavelength of the input beam. Our company is capable of making Zinc Selenide beamsplitters (i.e., for CO2 optics) at 9.4µm and 10.6µm wavelengths. There is a substantial difference in the transmittance and reflectance values of s and p polarization at a 45° incident angle, so the beamsplitters designed here are for this angle.

The coating on a beamsplitter plays an important role in determining its performance due to its sensitivity towards the polarization states of the input beam. The polarization insensitive Zinc Selenide Beamsplitters are available in stock with us. Beamsplitters with different polarization states (by coating the surfaces) are provided depending upon the customer’s request.

Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.13mm
Thickness: ±0.25mm
Surface Flatness: λ/4 per 1’’ Dia@632.8nm
Surface Quality: 60-40 S-D

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