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Bessel lenses are used in deep laser cutting applications. Bessel beam, which has a small focusing spot size and long focus depth is generated by allowing laser light to pass through a combination of the axicon lens and focusing lens. The tunability of depth of focus of the output beam by adjusting the size of the input beam diameter is the most attractive feature of this Bessel beam optical system.


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Part NoWavelength (nm)FFL (mm)WD (mm)Max Input Beam Dia (mm)Max Cutting Length (mm)Spot Size Range (µm)Total Length (mm)
BESL-355-10-D10355249.0410.70101.5< 1376.00
BESL-532-10-D10532212.7011.86101.5< 1202.84
BESL-1064-D20-T121064330.0515.002012.0< 5315.05

No.Pulse EnergyNo. of PulseFrequencySpot DistanceFocusing RangeCutting ResultSplinter Effect
1620μJ650k55.6mmSmoothEasy to Break
2714μJ650k35.8mmSmoothEasy to Break
3714μJ650k45.8mmSmoothEasy to Break
4714μJ650k55.8mmSmoothEasy to Break
5810μJ650k36mmSmoothEasy to Break
6810μJ650k46mmSmoothEasy to Break
7810μJ650k56mmSmoothEasy to Break

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