Beam Shaping with DOE

A Top Hat Beam Shaper is a form of DOE that transforms a Gaussian (TEM00) input laser beam into a uniform intensity spot of the desired shape. This output point can be round, square, rectangular as desired. The uniform intensity allows for sharper edges instead of a concentrated spot of intensity given by a Gaussian beam spot.

Part No.Wavelength(nm)Input BeamDia (mm)F-Theta FL (mm)DOE Size (mm)Beam ShapeFlat Top Beam Size (μm)
DOE-SCAN-532-3305323.033025.4 x 3.0Circular120
DOE-SCAN-1064-16310647.016325.4 x 3.0Rectangular164 x 125 /201 x 126
DOE-SCAN-1064-254C10644.525416.0 x 16.0 x 3.0Circular116
DOE-SCAN-1064-163C10645.016325.4 x 3.0Circular118
DOE-SCAN-9.4-100940012.010025.4 x 3.0Rectangular150 x 200

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