Beam Shaper

Product TypePart NumberWavelength (nm)Input Beam Size (mm)Output Beam Size (mm)Total Length (mm)Beam Shaping Distance (mm)Input Full Beam Divergence Angle (mrad)Output Full Beam Divergence Angle (mrad)
Beam Shaper (Collimated)BS-266-6-W6002665.8 – 6.05.0-5.5151.6100-600
Beam Shaper (Collimated)BS-355-6-W6003555.8 – 6.05.0-5.5160.5100-600
Beam Shaper (Collimated)BS-532-6-W6005325.8 – 6.05.0-5.5171.5100-600
Beam Shaper (Collimated)BS-1064-6-W60010645.8 – 6.05.0-5.5175.5100-600
Beam Shaper (Collimated)BS-10600-12-W600106001212285.325-600
Beam Shaper (Focal Type)BSFL-355-63556~0.1~1.0
Beam Shaper (Focal Type)BSFL-532-1053210~0.1~1.1
Beam Shaper (Focal Type)BSFL-1064-10106410~0.2~1.6
Beam Shaper (Focal Type)BSFL-10.6-201060020~0.04~4.7

Refractive Beam Shaper (BS)

Refractive Beam Shaper Diagram

The primary function is used for transforming the Gaussian profile of a light source (commonly laser) to a Top-Hat profile.

The design is based on a transmissive model that can be used with a maximum input beam size of 4.6mm and an output of 8mm. The output beam after the beam shaper is collimated, thus it can be used with normal lenses. We are open to other wavelength requirements based on your specific applications.


It is commonly used for drilling and marking applications. The Top Hat profile cut or mark result has higher quality than the Gaussian. It is widely used in the industry.

Focal Type Beam Shaper (BSFL)

BSFL Series comprises a focusing lens to acquire a top hat focused spot at the target plane and able to achieve sub-micron level with good uniformity. One of the advantages of BSFL series over other designs is that it provides flexibility to the users as they can vary to their desired spot size accordingly by changing the focusing lens. Furthermore, the BSFL system has extended the working range whereby a focusing lens can be placed at any distance behind the beam shaping system without affecting the top hat spot quality.

The figure shows the microscopic views of focal spot with and without BSFL. BSFL series is able to produce extended depth of focus with straight wall edge as what we can see in the simulated top hat profile. While without focal beam shaper, we can see the kerf width of focal Gaussian spot and substantial heat affected zone.


Surface heat treatment, solar cell scribing, via-hole drilling, laser ablation, dicing, micro-machining, marking and cutting.

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