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IR Objective Lenses

The infrared (IR) objective lens is an integral part of the infrared vision system, which is used to collect radiation in the near-infrared, short-wave infrared, mid-wave infrared, or long-wave infrared spectra, and focus the object on the detector. Information such as temperature distribution and pixel information could be captured and displayed as thermal images. This is widely used in many industrial inspection applications because its optical system can ensure good imaging quality in a wide operating temperature range, and high resolution in a wide field of view.

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ModelMagnificationF#BWDFocus TypeMountWavelength (μm)Detector
Infra-LW256-1X1x1.031mmManual FocusM45x18-14320x256, 25um
Infra-LW256-1.25X1.25x0.9831mmManual FocusM45x18-14320x256, 25um
Infra-LW256-3X3x1.031mmManual FocusM45x18-14320x256, 25um
Infra-LW256-5X5x1.031mmManual FocusM45x18-14320x256, 25um
Infra-LW640-5X5X4.4611mmManual FocusM34x0.758-14640x480, 17um
Infra-LW640-3X3X2.011mmManual FocusM34x0.758-14640x480, 17um
Infra-LW640-1X1X1.011mmManual FocusM34x0.758-14640x480, 17um
Infra-IRM1X-151x2.050mmFixed FocusM60x13-51280x1024, 15um
Infra-IRM3X-153x2.050mmFixed FocusM60x13-51280x1024, 15um
Infra-IRM8.2X-158.2x2.050mmFixed FocusM60x13-51280x1024, 15um
Infra-IRM1X1x2.040.5mmManual FocusM48x13-5640x512, 15um
Infra-IRM2X2x2.040.5mmManual FocusM48x13-5640x512, 15um
Infra-IRM5XV35x4.039.65mmManual FocusM42X0.753-5640x512, 15um

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