Mid-IR Borescope Lens​

Mid-IR Borescope Lens Infrared Optics Infrared Lens IR Optics IR Lens

Part Number: IRM125.0-BS

Mid-IR Borescope Lens Diagram 3

Mid-IR Borescope Lens is an imaging instrument with customizable requirements for clear inspection of hard-to-access areas, such as boiler tubes, furnace walls, etc. The special environment must be considered in optical and mechanical design, especially the effect of high temperature on the lens. In some cases, customers also require light paths at certain angles in order to view the sidewall.

Material: Single-crystal germanium and silicon
Wavelength: 3.5 – 4 μm
Focal Length: 12 mm
F#: 5
Image Diagonal: 20 mm
Circular FOV: 79.6°
Detector pixel number: 640×480
Pixel size: 25 μm

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