Fisheye Lens

IR Optics Fisheye Lens

This is known as a Fisheye Lens because the front side of the lens seems like a bulging fisheye. Unlike ordinary lenses, the Fisheye Lenses have short focal lengths and a wide-angle field of view, allowing uniform screen brightness. It is used in various fields like Security Surveillance, Consumer Electronics, Automobiles and Testing Technology because it has steady focus.

Part NumberWavelength (µm)Focal Length (mm)Circular FOV ( ° )F#Focus TypeBWD (mm)Detector
Infra-FE3.20.8-178.0 - 14.03.21250.8Fixed8.0384 x 288, 17µm
Infra-FE3.81.0-178.0 - 14.03.81801.0Manual14.2640 x 480, 17µm
Infra-FE4.41.0-178.0 - 14.04.42361.0Manual13.5800 x 600, 17µm
Infra-FE4.61.0-178.0 - 14.04.61201.0Manual10.2640 x 480, 17µm
Infra-FE5.51.0-178.0 - 14.05.5731.0Motorized6.7388 x 284, 17µm
Infra-FE5.61.0-178.0 - 14.05.61801.0Manual13.5800 x 600, 17µm

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