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Line Scan Cameras

Line scan cameras have only a single line of sensors to capture an individual line of the part at a faster speed in continuous motion. These fast and reliable line scan cameras are suitable for your high-speed systems. They are popular in use for scanning, printing and packaging applications of flat, long or cylindrically shaped parts.

Part NumberResolutionLine Rate (Hz)Bit DepthInterfaceSensor TypePixel Size (µm x µm)Color Type
LSC-49K-G14SM2048 x 149K8GigECMOS14 x 14Mono
LSC-49K-G14SC2048 x 249K8GigECMOS14 x 14Color
LSC-25K-G7SM4096 x 125K8GigECMOS7 x 7Mono
LSC-25K-G7SC4096 x 225K8GigECMOS7 x 7Color
LSC-13K-G7SM8192 x 113K12GigECMOS7 x 7Mono
LSC-70K-L5SM8192 x 170K8CameraLinkCMOS5 x 5Mono
LSC-35K-L5SC8192 x 235K8CameraLinkCMOS5 x 5Color
LSC-70K-L7SM8192 x 170K12CameraLinkCMOS7 x 7Mono
LSC-140K-P5SM16384 x 4140K12CoaxPressCMOS5 x 5Mono

Resolution: 2K – 8K
Interfaces: GigE, CameraLink
Sensor Type: CMOS
Colour Types: Monochrome, Color

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