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SWIR Lenses

Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) wavelength band offers unique imaging advantages over visible and other thermal bands. It is quietly earning a growing place in industrial machine vision for electronic board inspection, material/food sorting, solar cell inspection, quality inspection, and in security applications. SWIR lenses are utilized where other detectors or cameras are not sensitive enough for finite detail recognition.


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Part NumberWavelength (µm)Focal Length (mm)Focus TypeF#BWD (mm)MountDetector
Infra-SW2003.0-21 *NEW*0.9 – 1.7200Manual3.012.5C-Mount1280 x 1024, 10µm
Infra-SW122.5-151.5 – 5.012Manual2.533.1Bayonet640 x 512, 15µm
Infra-SW252.5-151.5 – 5.025Manual2.533.1Bayonet640 x 512, 15µm
Infra-SW253.0-171.5 – 5.025Manual3.033.1Bayonet1024 x 768, 17µm
Infra-SW502.5-151.5 – 5.050Manual2.533.1Bayonet640 x 512, 15µm
Infra-SW502.3-171.5 – 5.050Manual2.339.4Bayonet1024 x 768, 17µm
Infra-SW1002.3-171.5 – 5.0100Manual2.333.1Bayonet1024 x 768, 17µm
Infra-SW1002.5-151.5 – 5.0100Manual2.533.1Bayonet640 x 512, 15µm
Infra-SW2002.5-151.5 – 5.0200Manual2.533.1Bayonet640 x 512, 15µm
Infra-SW252.5-300.9 – 2.525Manual2.513.5C-mount320 x 256, 30µm
Infra-SW352.0-300.9 – 2.535Manual2.013.4C-mount320 x 256, 30µm
Infra-SW502.0-300.9 – 2.550Manual2.013.5C-mount320 x 256, 30µm
Infra-SW752.0-300.9 – 2.575Manual2.013.5C-mount320 x 256, 30µm
Infra-SW1002.0-300.9 – 2.5100Manual2.013.5C-mount320 x 256, 30µm
Infra-SW2002.0-300.9 – 2.5200Manual2.013.5C-mount320 x 256, 30µm

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Short-wave infrared (SWIR) light is a second of the electromagnetic spectrum typically in the 0.9μm to 2.5μm range and is therefore invisible to the human...

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