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Objective Lenses

An objective lens of a microscope is responsible for gathering and focusing light from the specimen being observed to produce an image. It is typically located near the bottom of the microscope’s body and consists of a series of lenses that work together to magnify the image of the specimen.

The objective lens is called such because it is the lens closest to the object being observed. The magnification power of a microscope is determined by the magnification of the objective lens and the magnification of the eyepiece or tube lens.

There are typically several objective lenses on a microscope, each with a different magnification power. The user can switch between the lenses to observe different parts of the specimen at different levels of magnification.

Part No.NAWD (mm)FL (mm)Resolution (µm)± DOF (μm)Wavelength (nm)FOV φ24 mmFOV 1″ CCD (mm)Weight (g)
M-PlanAPO-1X0.02513.0200.0011.00440.00400-70024.009.60 x 12.80240
M-PlanAPO-2X0.05534.0100.005.0091.00400-70012.004.80 x 6.40206
M-PlanAPO-3.5X0.10041.057.142.8028.00400-7006.902.70 x 3.60218
M-PlanAPO-5X0.14035.040.002.0014.00400-7004.801.92 x 2.56212
M-PlanAPO-7.5X0.21034.026.671.306.20400-7003.601.28 x 1.70247
M-PlanAPO-10X0.28034. x 1.28217
M-PlanAPO-15X0.35022.013.330.802.20400-7001.800.64 x 0.85240
M-PlanAPO-20X0.42020.010.000.701.60400-7001.200.48 x 0.64271
M-PlanAPO-50X0.55013.04.000.500.90400-7000.480.19 x 0.26298
M-PlanAPO-HR-5X0.21025.040.001.306.20400-7004.801.92 x 2.56251
M-PlanAPO-HR-10X0.42015.020.000.701.60400-7002.400.96 x 1.28382
M-PlanAPO-HR-20X0.6009.510.000.500.76400-7001.200.48 x 0.64563
M-PlanAPO-HR-100X0.9001.42.000.300.34400-7000.240.10 x 0.13362
M-PlanAPO-SL-20X0.29030.010.000.903.30400-7001.200.48 x 0.64236
M-PlanAPO-SL-50X0.42020.04.000.701.60400-7000.480.19 x 0.26286
M-PlanAPO-SL-100X0.55013.02.000.500.90400-7000.240.10 x 0.13302
M-PlanAPO-NIR-20X0.42020.010.000.651.56532/1030-10641.200.48 x 0.64377
M-PlanAPO-NIR-50X0.55013.04.000.500.91532/1030-10640.480.19 x 0.26394
M-PlanAPO-HRNIR-20X0.6009.510.000.460.76532/1030-10641.200.48 x 0.64563
i-PlanAPO-HRNIR-50X0.67010.04.000.410.61532/1030-10640.480.19 x 0.26470
M-PlanAPO-HRNIR-50X0.7504.04.000.370.49532/1030-10640.480.19 x 0.26582
LCD-PlanAPO-NIR-20X(t0)0.40020.010.000.701.70532/1030-10641.200.48 x 0.64260
LCD-PlanAPO-NIR-20X(t0.7)0.40020.010.000.701.70532/1030-10641.200.48 x 0.64259
LCD-PlanAPO-NIR-20X(t1.1)0.40020.010.000.701.70532/1030-10641.200.48 x 0.64258
LCD-PlanAPO-NIR-50X(t0)0.45015.04.000.601.40532/1030-10640.480.19 x 0.26300
LCD-PlanAPO-NIR50X(t0.7)0.45015.04.000.601.40532/1030-10640.480.19 x 0.26299
LCD-PlanAPO-NIR50X(t1.1)0.45015.04.000.601.40532/1030-10640.480.19 x 0.26298
M-PlanAPO-NUV-20X0.42017.010.000.651.56355, 532 & 365, 4051.200.48 x 0.64268
M-PlanAPO-HRNUV-50X0.65010.04.000.420.65355, 532 & 365, 4050.480.19 x 0.26405
LCD-PlanAPO-NUV-20X(t0)0.40020.010.000.701.70355, 5321.200.48 x 0.64262
LCD-PlanAPO-NUV-20X(t0.7)0.40020.010.000.701.70355, 5321.200.48 x 0.64261
LCD-PlanAPO-NUV-20X(t1.1)0.40020.010.000.701.70355, 5321.200.48 x 0.64260
LCD-PlanAPO-NUV-50X(t0)0.45015.04.000.601.40355, 5320.480.19 x 0.26295
LCD-PlanAPO-NUV-50X(t0.7)0.45015.04.000.601.40355, 5320.480.19 x 0.26294
LCD-PlanAPO-NUV-50X(t1.1)0.45015.04.000.601.40355, 5320.480.19 x 0.26293

Note: ‘t’ in the part number represents the thickness of the cover glass

Part No.NAWD (mm)FL (mm)Resolution (µm)± DOF (μm)Field NumberFOV (mm)Weight (g)Thread
PlanFluor-EPI-5X0.1520401.8012.00255.0057W4/5″ x 1/36″
PlanFluor-EPI-10X0.3011200.903.10252.5065W4/5″ x 1/36″
PlanFluor-EPI-20X0.453100.601.40251.2577W4/5″ x 1/36″
PlanFluor-EPI-50X0.80140.340.43250.5089W4/5″ x 1/36″
PlanFluor-EPI-100X0.90120.310.34250.2590W4/5″ x 1/36″
PlanFluor-EPI-BD-5X0.1520401.8012.00255.0078M26 x 0.706
PlanFluor-EPI-BD-10X0.3011200.903.10252.5095M26 x 0.706
PlanFluor-EPI-BD-20X0.453100.601.40251.25111M26 x 0.706
PlanFluor-EPI-BD-50X0.80140.340.43250.50123M26 x 0.706
PlanFluor-EPI-BD-100X0.90120.310.34250.25122M26 x 0.706
L-PlanFluor-EPI-20X0.4012100.701.70251.2565W4/5″ x 1/36″
L-PlanFluor-EPI-50X0.5010.440.551.10250.5068W4/5″ x 1/36″
L-PlanFluor-EPI-100X0.803.120.340.43250.2588W4/5″ x 1/36″

Part Number

EFL (mm)

WD (mm)

Housing Length (mm)





Objective LensTube Lens

Objective Lens Diagram

Apochromatic microscope objective lenses are infinite optical systems available in several magnifications working in the spectral region from 355nm to 1064nm. It is ideal for co-axial vision for real-time monitoring such as laser processing, micro-imaging, DIC imaging, and fluorescence inspection in bio-imaging. It is also used to laser repair the touch panel and the solar cell.

Objective Lens Tube Lens Diagram

The Tube Lens is designed to use together with the objective lens for imaging applications. It acts as a secondary lens by allowing light to pass through the body of the tube as parallel rays from the objective lens. These parallel rays are focused by the tube lens to form an intermediate image with minimal aberration.

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