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Variable Focal Length Lenses

The variable focal length lenses can change the lens focal lengths to obtain a different field of view with minimal changes to the overall system. These lenses are applicable where an entire object including small features is required to be inspected within the same imaging system.


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Part No.Focal Length (mm)F#Resolution (MP)FormatIris Type
MVVF-8-12-2.5-5M8.0 – 12.02.5 – 22.051/2.5″Manual
MVVF-10-40-1.8-3M10.0 – 40.01.8 – 16.032/3″Manual
MVVF-12-36-2.8-2M12.0 – 35.02.8 – 16.022/3″Manual
MVVF-10-60-1.4-2M10.0 – 60.01.422/3″Manual
MVVF-16-32-1.8-5M16.0 – 32.01.8 – 16.051″Manual
MVVF-12-36-2.8-5M12.0 – 36.02.8 – 22.052/3″Manual

Wavelength: 400-700nm
3 – 5MP
Format: 1/2″, 1/2.5″, 1/2.7″, 2/3″ & 1″
Connecting: C-Mount
Iris Type: Manual/Motorised
400 – 950nm
Focusing Range: infinite – 0.1m

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