Line Scan Lenses

Line scan lenses are used with line scan cameras for machine vision applications.


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Part No.Focal Length (mm)F#Resolution (lp/mm)Format (mm)Iris Type
MVLS-25-2.8-3024.922.8 – 22.03043Manual
MVLS-28-2.8-30282.8 – 22.03043Manual
MVLS-35-2.5-30352.5 – 16.03043Manual
MVLS-50-1.8-30501.8 – 22.03043Manual
MVLS-25-2.8-50252.8 – 32.05043Manual
MVLS-28-2.8-50282.8 – 32.05043Manual
MVLS-35-2.8-50352.8 – 32.05043Manual
MVLS-50-2.8-50502.8 – 32.05043Manual
MVLS-35-2.0-50352.0 – 22.05043Manual
MVLS-50-2.0-50502.0 – 22.05043Manual

Resolution: 30 & 50 lp/mm
Wavelength: 400 – 700nm
Format: 43mm
Connecting: F-Mount
Iris Type: Manual/Motorized
Thread: M52 x 0.75

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