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Dual FOV Lenses

You can switch the field of view (FOV) of dual FOV lenses with the push of a button, changing from a wide to a narrow FOV easily. It allows you to save cost, time, and space by using only one lens instead of multiple lenses for switching FOV.


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Part No.WavelengthDual FL (mm)Dual F/#BFL (mm)Focus RangeFocus TypeMountDetector
Infra-2FV-22-758µm – 14µm75, 221.2, 1.117.010m, 3mMotorizedFlange384×288, 25µm
Infra-2FV-44-1767µm – 14µm176, 441.0, 1.227.130m, 5mMotorizedFlange640×480, 17µm
Infra-2FV-45-1358µm – 12µm135, 451.0, 1.221.610m, 3mMotorizedFlange640×480, 17µm
Infra-2FV-50-1507µm – 14µm150, 501.466.030m, 5mMotorizedFlange384×288, 25µm
Infra-2FV-50-2008µm – 14µm200, 501.0, 1.226.450m, 5mMotorizedFlange640×512, 17µm

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