Imaging Optics Borehole Lens

Borehole Lens

Hole inspecting lens enables converge viewing of objects and they are able to inspect both the bottom of the hole and its vertical walls unlike conventional lenses. Hence, they are the preferred solution to probe different object shapes such as cones, holes and cylinders. Furthermore, they are used so that multiple camera and imaging lens setups in identification applications or machine vision inspections aren’t needed.

Part No. BHL-6.35

Focal Length6.35 mm
Back Focus10.5 mm
Working Wavelength480 nm ~ 650 nm
Position of Entrance PupilAdjustable, 0.9 mm to 2.6 mm
F-Number (Iris)4≤K≤11
Image Sensor Format1/3″
Field Angle26° to 36.9°, depending on hole size
Ratio of Diameter to Depth≥1:3
Smallest hole diameter to be inspected3 mm
Biggest hole diameter to be inspected40 mm
MTF on Image Surface

1) For hole diameter >6mm, 70% contrast at 30lp/mm with F#=5;

2) For hole diameter ≤5mm &  ≥3mm, 60% contrast at 30lp/mm with F#=8;

Mechanical Mounting Dimensions
Total Length

109.5 ± 2.00mm

Maximum Diameter

31 mm

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Hole Diameter (mm)Work Distance (mm)F#R

Work distance vs. hole diameter for MTF >70% at 30lp/mm with DDR=3 and above

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