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ToF Lenses

Time-of-Flight (ToF) Lenses, also known as 3D depth lenses, come with real-time ranging and are able to obtain object depth information. These products are applicable in consumer electronics such as smart home cameras, sweeping robots, AR/VR, and drones.

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Part No.E.F.L (mm)FFL (mm)FNOFOV (DxHxV) (mm)M-TTL (mm)MAX C.R.ASensor SizeScrew SizeApplication
PG-TOF-1.53-1.2-V11.5362.211.20142 x 123 x 929.829.4°1/5″M7.0*0.35850nm TOF
PG-TOF-1.53-1.2-V21.5362.601.20144 x 125 x 909.886.97°1/5″M7.0*0.35850nm TOF
PG-TOF-1.53-1.45-V21.5302.561.45127.8 x 104.8 x 828.2018.78°1/5″M6.0*0.35940nm TOF
PG-TOF-2.36-1.252.3642.701.25132.1 x 123×92.811.3415.41°1/3″M8.0*0.35850nm TOF
PG-TOF-1.44-1.41.4400.851.40125 x 104.8 x 82.55.2534.26°1/4.5″M6.0*0.25940nm TOF

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