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With our state-of-the-art facilities, we can specifically design and provide comprehensive solutions for the specific needs of customers. Available product types include pinhole lenses, scanning lenses, drone lenses, camera lenses, conical lenses, and so on.


Don’t limit what you see. Customization may be available for this product. Let us know your specifications in the RFQ form. You may also browse our manufacturing capabilities.

Part NoStructureFFLF/#FOVM-TTLSensor NoApplication
PG-OL-1.8-3.24G1.803.270°(H) x 51°(V)10.42MT9V022 1/3″Pinhole Lens
PG-OL-3.25-6.55G3.256.540.63°(H) x 26.41°(V)11.601/3″Scan Lens
PG-OL-4.78-124P4.7812.042.4°(H) x 34.4°(V)11.88EV76C560 1/1.8″Bar Code
PG-OL-1.1-2.22P1.102.270°(H) x 56°(V)2.75OV7251 1/7.5″Drone Lens
PG-OL-6.68-2.88G6.682.8100°(H) x 76°(V)20.57IMX117 1/2.3″Camera
PG-OL-8.46-1.27G8.461.228°(H) x 16.8°(V)29.841/2″808nm
PG-OL-10.03-1.917G10.031.948.8°(H) x 41.3°(V)81.15IMX250 2/3″AR Imaging Detection

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