Molded Optics - Endoscope Lens

Endoscope Lenses

Wavelength Opto-Electronic provides small-sized medical endoscope lenses with a large field of depth, low distortion, reliable durability, and water-resistant.  These tiny plastic lenses are widely used in disposable endoscopy applications.


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Part No.StructureEFL (mm)BFL (mm)F#FOV (°)TTL (mm)Sensor Size (mm)Thread

Material: Plastic
Processing Range: Diameter 1.5-25mm, Thickness 1.0-80mm
Diameter Tolerance: ±0.05mm
Thickness Tolerance: ±0.10mm
Roundness: 0.005mm
Effective Aperture: more than 80%
Surface Quality: 60-40
Coating: single layer or multilayer anti-reflection membrane

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