Optical Design

Looking for quality optical design services? Look no further than Wavelength Opto-Electronic! Our optical design team is comprised of experienced and talented optical designers who specialize in creating custom optical designs for a wide range of applications. From laser optics to imaging across the UV, VIS, and IR wavelength spectrum, our team has the expertise and knowledge to tackle even the most complex optical designs. We have a proven track record of bringing our satisfied clients’ visions to life, and we’re confident that we can do the same for you.

Here are several optical designs we do, including but not limited to:

  • Laser optics
    • Collimators
    • Beam expanders
    • Telecentric/f-theta scan lenses
    • Aspherical focusing lenses
    • Beam shapers
  • Simulation
    • Stray light analysis
    • Ghost image analysis
    • Optical sensor analysis
  • Imaging systems
    • VIS imaging lenses
    • IR imaging lenses
    • Various focal lenses (zoom lenses)
    • Objective lenses
    • AR/VR optics
    • Lidar optics
  • Others
    • Off-axis optics
    • Fresnel attenuators
    • Fresnel Rhombs phase retarders
Optical Design - Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

In addition to our optical design, we also have strong capacities in mechanical design, thanks to our highly experienced structure design engineers. Wavelength Opto-Electronic is ready to support you on the customized optical and mechanical demand, providing you solutions for your projects in this field.

Featured Optical Design Projects

High Telecentricity Scan Lens

This telecentric lens works at 1064 nm/532 nm, scanning area: 120 mm x 120 mm, focal length: 290 mm, input beam diameter: 20 mm, focused spot size: 28 um to 31.2 um, required input beam diameter: <= 20 mm. Telecentricity error: < 2 deg.

A telecentric scanning lens is good for applications that require to have normal light incidence and uniform focused laser beam profile (circle, square, rectangle, etc.) over the scanning area, such as laser drilling.

Zoom MWIR Lens with Cold Shield

The MWIR zoom lens is designed with cold shield sensor and 20 X zoom factors. The total length as well as the image plane keeps constant over the focal length range.

It can be used in long-range surveillance applications like vessel traffic monitoring, airport perimeter security, building security, etc.

Machine Vision Hole Inspection Lens

The BHL6.35 has an entrance pupil in front of the 1st lens surface and can view the wall and bottom of holes with hole diameters from 3 mm to 40 mm, or even larger, and with height-to-diameter factor of 3. The lens is achromatic in the visible range and thus can work with any visible light source.

The hole inspection lens can be used to check the inside labels, defects, scratches, and inside walls.

IR Imaging Lens

This is an LWIR zoom imaging lens with wavelengths from 8 um to 12 um, and focal lengths from 25 mm to 225 mm.

The total length as well as the image plane keeps constant over the focal length range.

The application of infrared zoom lens is widely used in defense, security, and commercial applications.

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Other Capabilities

MICRO-LAM Diamond Turning Laser Assisted Tools

Custom Optics

Unable to find off-the-shelves optics for your specific requirements? Check out our custom optics manufacturing capabilities and start customizing your optics with us now.

System Customization

System Customization

Looking for high-quality photonics solutions and customized systems? our R&D team is equipped with years of experience and deep expertise in customizing your system.

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