Optics for Laser Processing

Laser Processing for Brittle Material

Laser Micro-Processing for OLED & PI Cutter

Laser micro-processing is a cutting process in small and tiny dimensions, especially in OLED (Organic-LED) and PI (Polyimide) cutting.

Laser Processing for Photovoltaic Industry

Laser Processing for Power Batteries

  • Laser Cutting on Pole Ear
    • F-Theta Scan Lenses
      • TSL-1064-70-163Q-D14
      • TSL-1064-60-160Q-D14
      • TSL-1064-52-120Q-D14
      • TSL-1064-35-110Q-D14
  • Laser Cleaning on Foil
    • F-Theta Scan Lenses
      • TSL-1064-85-167Q-D20
      • SL-1064-215-340Q-D15
      • SL-1064-175-254Q-D10
      • SL-1064-170-255Q-D20
  • Laser Welding on Power Batteries
    • F-Theta Scan Lenses
      • SL-1064-120-254Q-D30-WC
      • SL-1064-180-348Q-D30-WC
      • SL-1064-180-400Q-D30-WC
      • SL-1064-250-500Q-D30-WC
    • Laser Collimators
      • COL-1064-D30-F75Q-0.12-WC-V2
      • COL-1064-D30-F100-0.1-WC-V2
      • COL-1064-D30-F125-0.1-WC-V2
      • COL-1064-D46-F150Q-0.1-WC-V2
      • COL-1064-D40-F120-0.125-WC-HP3
      • COL-1064-D40-F140-0.11-WC-HP3

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