Laser Dazzler Application Note

The laser dazzler is a new type of instrument that temporarily disables its target with flash blindness. Targets can include sensors or human vision. The laser dazzler is widely employed in civil applications, such as security systems.

Operation Principle

The dazzler uses a green laser as the light source set to 8 strobes per second. This value was chosen to resonate with the biological frequency in the human body, causing dizziness. Through optical modulation, the use of such laser sources resulted in the eyes experiencing “laser flash blindness”, effectively deterring or subduing suspects remotely without harming permanently the subject.

Laser Dazzler 1
Figure 1. A Prototype of a Compact Laser Dazzler

The key specifications of the compact laser dazzler are listed below in Table 1. When compared to similar products in the market, we offer a smaller footprint, lightweight, and a longer effective range. An extremely large beam can also be achieved with our version of this product. These features are essential for remote applications such as attachment to drones, or autonomous vehicles.

Wavelength532 nm
Laser power2W or 4W switchable
Laser density<0.5mW/cm2
Output modeContinuous or strobe mode
Operation time2W continuous 8 hours
Operation time2W strobe 3 hours
Operation time4W continuous 5 hours
Operation time4W strobe 1.5 hours
Output beam sizeContinuous tunable
Laser range500 m2
Remote distance500 m maximum
Working temperature-20 ~ 40 °C
Stability10000 hours
Table 1. Key specifications of compact laser dazzler

The portable laser dazzlers are tested with precise eye-safe power density for mere temporary vision impairment. They provide the following advantages:

  • Diversification
    • Using optical modulation, effective laser beam expansion can control the power density. An external focusing lens is used to control the size of the beam. The light intensity and spot can be varied to achieve an effective value in the range of 1m-1000m.
      • 50m distance expansion beam diameter is 25m
      • 100m spot diameter is 40m
      • 1000m spot diameter can reach 100m.
  • Intelligence
    • It can be remotely and flexibly maneuvered both horizontally and vertically.
  • Convenience
    • By configuring the digital circuit and power supply, the device is portable. At the same time, it is equipped with a car charger to support full-day use.
  • Robust
    • The laser can be fired in any direction at any time. Moreover, it is free of radioactive hazards, hence resistant to electromagnetic interferences.


  • Outdoor rescue, long-distance glare alarm
  • Coastal guards, square alarm riots
  • Guide helicopter search and rescue, guide warplane bombing, fishery law enforcement, etc.
  • Long-distance lighting and instructions
  • Laser communication, underwater communication
  • Villa security, confidential regional warning,
  • Airport, farmland, and reservoirs to drive birds
  • Wild hunting
Laser Dazzler 3
Figure 2. Applications of Laser Dazzler

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