Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens Application Note

Author: Yingli – R&D Director

A fibre optic bundle is defined as any fibre optic assembly that contains more than one fibre optic in a single cable.

While a single fibre cannot transmit an image, a large fibre bundle can, as each individual fibre represents one pixel of the image. This is made possible due to the minimal coupling between the fibres in the bundle. Being inherently flexible, fibre bundles are primarily used for imaging applications in remote or confined spaces where standard image sensors cannot be utilized.

Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens 1
Figure 1. A single Fibre Bundle consisting of many individual fibre optics

Operation Principle

This assembly consists of an SMA 905 compatible housing which contains the 4mm diameter objective lenses. It can capture the image for objectives larger than 10 mm away to a 1.5 mm diameter area, with FOV up to 40 degrees. It has to work during noon daylight or would require extra lighting.

MaterialOptical glass
FFOV35 degree
Spectral Range400 nm to 900 nm
NA – Front Objective0.015
NA – Rear Optical System0.16
Lens Diameter4 mm
Imaging Size1.5 mm Diameter
Observation Range> 10 mm
Fibre Bundle ConnectorSMA 905
Table 2. Key specifications of the Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens
Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens 3
Figure 2. MTF curve with 33 lp/mm spatial resolution


The small size of the Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens assembly allows for its use in a wide range of applications including:

  • Medical diagnosis
  • Agricultural imaging
  • Industrial and Automotive inspection
Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens 5
Figure 3.

Since 2002, Wavelength Opto-Electronic has built an innovative photonics engineering capability for precision optics used in measurement and inspection systems. The Fibre Bundle Imaging Lens introduced here is to meet the latest development in remote inspection technology. Our design is for high-resolution operation at low light levels. The Imaging Lens also offers superior image quality with greater observation range and performance. The wavelength range from 400 nm to 900 nm makes it suitable for many applications.

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