About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd

About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd

About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd

About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd

About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd
About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd
About - Profile — Wavelength Opto-Electronic (S) Pte. Ltd


Wavelength Opto-Electronic (Singapore)
Wavelength Opto-Electronic Pte Ltd. was established in August 2002. Based in Singapore, the hub of South East Asia. Our main business is designing and manufacturing of Laser Optics and industrial laser machine process heads, which are sold to the globally for laser application markets. Ever since the establishment, we have embedded quality and customer service grains deeply in our organization. We conduct extensive Research & Development, scale assembly and test in our Singapore facility which is certified ISO9001 since year 2004. Today, Singapore office provides sales & technical supports to the world wide except for China market.

Wavelength Opto-Electronic (Singapore)
Wavelength Opto-Electronic (China)

Wavelength Opto-Electronic (China)
Fast growing Laser Optics business allowed us to establish our 12,500 m² Optics fabrication facility in Nanjing (China) in year 2003. The facility has been certified ISO9001 and ISO14000 since year 2006. Continuous investment on facility as well as production process and equipment such as Diamond Tuning Machine has been made over the years. We cover China market effectively with our sales offices located at Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Fuzhou and Nanjing.

Our Core Values
4 core values support our Company Vision to be the major player in the global Laser and Photonics arena:


  • Customers: As a value creators and transmitters, we have to provide value with market competitiveness help customers create successful mission, the only market recognition and customer satisfaction is our ultimate value certainly, so the customer cherished and relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction primacy in our value system.
  • Quality first: We value carriers including quality products and attentive service, a complete customer experience, product and service requirements of high quality self, from the driving force of customer care responsibility and realization of self-worth.
  • Continuous innovation: while boosting customer success, we know that customers have to continue to develop and market innovative follow up the pace of change, innovation and change is an important part of our cultural genes, but also we adapt to the market, to seize the opportunities of survival Road.
  • Efficient implementation: implementation and to honour the commitment of the company’s vision to customers, depends on the internal drive efficient execution, efficiency but also we provide our customers with a competitive low-cost solutions to ensure profitable returns for shareholders.

Our Business Units

  1. Wavelength Products

    Optics has been our traditional strong products since the establishment. We are capable to provide high-quality laser optics, infrared optical products and a full range of services in the field of optical technology. With our advance equipment and machines for production, test & measurement and quality control, plus vast experience and expertise of our optical know-how, we are able to provide good support to customer who needs customize optics and lenses. We feature the largest inventory of off-the-shelf standard Optical Components, including a wide selection of Optical Lenses, Optical Filters, Optical Mirrors, Windows, Prisms, Beamsplitters, or Diffraction Gratings. We have also developed some Laser Process Heads which has reflecting mirrors, focal lenses, nozzle, gas/water jet which are very popular for Laser System Integrators. We can deliver our optics and laser process heads to any part of the world within short notice.


  1. Partners’ Products

    After we have been appointed as an authorised distributors and training centers in some of the Asia countries by a few global well-known Optics & Photonics Design Software companies, we also set up Distribution business unit by working with many leading companies in laser & Photonics arena. We then set up direct operation in Thailand, Taiwan and Korea. We will continue to set up more sales offices in Asia and US. We also work with leading local Laser & Photonics product distributors to market our products in European and Japanese markets.
    With the strong support of partnering companies, our distribution products are categorized as follows:


    • Laser Source & Accessories
    • Photonics
    • Fiber Optic
    • Optics & Opto-mechanics
    • Precision Motion Control
    • Spectrometers


    • Optical Frequency Combs
    • Terahertz Systems
    • Imaging & Light Source
    • Solar Cell Test & Measurement
    • LED/Display/Light Test System
    • Photonics Design & Simulation Software/Training


  1. Project Collaboration Business Units

    As we build up customer base from selling our Optical components, Laser Process Heads and represented laser and photonics related products, plus our in house hardware, software and optical design capabilities, these factors lead us to provide integrated solutions instead of standard discrete component products. With Singapore Governments Grants which is to support the Small Medium Enterprises, we are able to strengthen our resources and take on many projects to help customers solve their operation issues and increase their productivities. In the past few years, we have successfully involved in developing Laser Doppler Vibrometers, Compact Digital Holoscopes, Laser Calorimetry System, Robotic Laser process Head, Laser Process MWIR Monitoring System, IR Ellipsometer System, etc. With our vast experience in sales & marketing and wide distribution network, we also hep to commercialize our some products from the projects

Our Commitment to Customers

  • We do not want to be just another vendor of our customers, we would like to be our customer’s business partner. It is through their successes that will make us successful and growing stronger.
  • We take special care to listen to our customer’s requirements and if their needs are not something that we have developed, we will look to see if we have the competency to develop it for them.
  • We build products with customers in mind.
  • We will treat our customers as we wish to be treated and ensure that every interaction is conducted in a pleasant and professional manner
  • Our corporate goal is to eliminate customer’s problems with our solutions so as to increase their productivities.