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We’re your go-to optical designer and optics manufacturer for broad range of applications including laser processing, medical laser treatment, security, machine vision, medical imaging, and consumer electronics.

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Laser Optics

Laser optics comprise of finest performing laser optical components and modules used for a wide range of laser applications from wavelengths of UV, Visible, and IR spectral regions.

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Imaging Optics

Imaging optics is the use of light to create images. It is used in various applications, including microscopy, security, telescopes, cameras, medical imaging, and industrial inspection.

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Consumer Optics

Consumer optics are designed to improve the life of people. Wavelength Opto-Electronic offers optics for consumer electronics and other consumer applications.


Fiber Optics (Partner’s Products)

Fiber optics are widely used in the life-sciences and industrial sector. We partner with many world-class brands, distributing in Southeast Asia region.

Partnering with global brands, we are also the authorized distributor of many world-class products in the South East Asia region, distributing lasers, spectrometers, optical frequency combs, terahertz systems, and many more that are widely used in the institute’s research and development, metrology, and several industrial applications.



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Manufacturing Capabilities


We provide custom optics, optical design services and optical systems customization.

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Bessel Lens

A bessel lens consists of axicon lenses and two sets of focusing lenses. The collimated light passes through the axicon lens to form the bessel...

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Variable Beam Splitter

Precision laser applications require fine power control. A variable beam splitter with a large dynamic range and precision control is designed to fulfill this purpose.

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UV Lens Detectors

When high-voltage equipment discharges electricity, arc discharge may occur depending on the electric field strength, during which electrons in the air continuously gain & release...

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