Low Frequency V. Isolators

CM-1 Low Frequency Vibration Isolators


Weight: Approximately 26 lb (11.8 kg)
Dimensions: 7.875" W x 7.875" D x 8.5" H
(200mm W x 200mm D x 216mm H)
Load Capacities (approximate):
Model Payload Range*
200CM-1 50 - 200 lbs 
(22.7 - 90.7 kg)

500CM-1 200 - 500 lbs 
(90.7 - 226.8 kg)

800CM-1 500 - 800 lbs 
(226.8 - 362.9 kg)


  • Vertical natural frequency of 1/2 Hz or less can be achieved over the entire load range.
  • Horizontal natural frequency is load dependent. 1/2 Hz or less can be achieved at or near the nominal load.
  • See Performance for a typical transmissibility curve with 1/2 Hz natural frequency.

Low Frequency Vibration Isolation & Isolators

Low frequency vibration isolator for weight loads from 50 to 800 lbs. and 1/2 Hz performance vertical and horizontal.

The new CM-1 is a compact high capacity, low-frequency negative-stiffness isolator. As with all Minus K isolators, they are completely passive and use no air or electricity. The isolators can be combined into multi isolator systems to support heavy payloads while taking up very little room themselves.


The CM-1 isolators can be placed on pedestals to bring them to an appropriate height to retrofit your existing air table, enabling you to keep your existing table top and achieve much better isolation.


The CM-1 isolators come in several capacity ranges to match your vibration-sensitive instruments such as SPMs (AFMS, STMs, etc), micro-hardness testers, profilers, interferometers, electron microscopes, or other imaging systems.


If needed, the CM-1 isolators can be customized to achieve user specific needs. Eg., different horizontal and vertical frequencies, damping, etc. They can also be made cleanroom and vacuum. compatible.