Infrared Detectors & Arrays

Infrared detectors and arrays PYROSENS

Our pyroelectric infrared detectors and arrays based on lithium tantalate are designed for the use in non-contact temperature measurement and also in gas analysis, spectroscopy and security applications.

The wide range of available sensor designs enables us to provide customised solutions for small and large quantities.

By using modern ion beam etching technology very good signal to noise ratio values are achieved.

PYROSENS infrared detectors and arrays

Your benefit

  • Very high specific detectivity D* or very low noise equivalent power NEP, respectively
  • Large variablity in construction
  • Customized solutions with convincing cost-performance ratio

Pyroelectric standard detectors PYROSENS and customized infrared arrays

We offer a wide spectrum of different pyroelectric infrared detectors and arrays:

  • Pyroelectric single element detectors
  • Pyroelectric multi-channel detectors
  • Pyroelectric linear arrays