Laser Beam Combiner

Wavelength Opto-Electronic's dichroic laser beam combiners are ideal for applications where diode lasers are being used for system alignment. Designed for used at 45 degree, they transmit the long wavelength beam and align it with the 90 degree reflected diode beam.

We offer different kinds of beam combiners based on the type of the laser beam and the wavelength. They can be categorized as followed.

  • CO2 Laser 
  • Nd Yag Laser
  • Green Laser
  • Reverse Beam CombinerVarious Beam Combiner


    CO2 Laser Beam Combiner



    Diameter Tolerance: +0/-0.13mm
    Thickness: ±0.25mm
    Side1: T>99%@10.6um,45AOI
    Side2: T>99%@10.6um R>85%@650nm,45AOI
    Surface Figure:λ/2 per 1" Dia @632.8nm
    Average transmission > 99%@10.6um, Average reflection > 85%@650nm

    WOE Eshop

    Part No.MaterialDiameter (mm)Thickness (mm)Wavelength (nm)
    BCZ-0.5-2 ZnSe 12.7 2.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-0.5-3 ZnSe 12.7 3.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-0.625-1.27 ZnSe 15.9 1.27 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-0.75-2 ZnSe 19.1 2.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-0.75-3 ZnSe 19.1 3.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-20-2 ZnSe 20.0 2.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-1.0-3 ZnSe 25.4 3.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-1.1-3 ZnSe 27.9 3.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-1.5-3 ZnSe 38.1 3.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-2-3 ZnSe 50.8 3.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-2-5 ZnSe 50.8 5.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-60-5 ZnSe 60.0 5.00 10.6umT650R
    BCZ-3-5 ZnSe 76.2 5.00 10.6umT650R