Laser Focus Beam Profilers

Laser Focus Beam Profiler

  • Optimized for industrial use
  • Compact design for high safety
  • For the analysis of laser foci with diameters > 2 micrometers
  • Laser powers up to 1000 W
  • Adaptation of the mechanical configuration to the available space

The compact detector head consists of a CCD based sensor, an integrated attenuation unit, a near field lens and the Beamlux II advanced analysis software. The detector unit is adapted to the laser beam's power as well as to the available working space.

A large selection of wavelength dependent near field lenses enable the measurement of laser spots even with large numerical apertures and high pulse power densities.

Parts included in the delivery: 4.5 m cable, PCI card, neutral density filter set, near field objective, SW/driver CD

Optional accessories: PCMCIA / Express Card, trigger cable, attenuator for high performance, ML8010 motor controller, ML1630 laser synchronisation device.

Type of measurement: Beam size, divergence, near field, far field, beam stability, power, M², caustic, homogeneity.