Laser Beam Profilers

Laser Beam Profiler Products

  • Detectors and accessories for laser beam analysis
  • Detectors for the characterization of optical components
  • Spectrometers, detectors and accessories for VUV and EUV

— For Measurement and analysis of the intensity

distribution of


laser beams in the wavelenght ranges UV, VIS and NIR.


Laser Focus Beam Profiler


- Compact detectors suitable for laser focus analysis (Ø > 2 µm)


in industrial

applications for laser powers of up to 1 kW.


Laser Line Focus Beam Profiler with Linear Stage

- For monitoring long line foci. Driven manually or via software controlled stepper motor.

M² Monitors for Laser Beam Quality Determination

— M² Monitors for rapid beam quality determination.

Accessories and Components for Laser Beam Analysis


— Cameras, near field lenses, UV-converters, neutral density filters,...