Spectrometers Accessories

         Spectrometers Accessories

StellarNet miniature spectrometers can be configured for many different applications in Radiometry, Colorimetry, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and more. Configurations can be used in the field, research labs, industrial process applications, and for quality assurance testing. Below you can find some of our most popular application accessories. Please call or email us at Contact Us to discuss your application

StellarNet Miniature Spectrometers Accessories

  • Radiometry (light receptors and integrating spheres)

  • Cuvette Holders and Flow cells

  • Metrology (reflectance and transmission fixtures)

  • Fiber Optic Cables

  • Lenses and couplers

  • Probes

  • Portability Options

  • Standards


Radiometry Accessories

Cosine Receptors couple to fiber optic cables and collect light with an 180° field of view using demountable diffusers. A perfect cosine response provides accurate absolute intensity when multiple lights are measured at same time. Cosine receptors provide relative and absolute spectral intensity measurements, for emissive color applications, and for evaluation of light sources such as the Sun, Lamps, LEDs andLasers.

  • CR2 is a ¼” diameter UV-VIS-NIR cosine receptor using a polymer diffuser for 200-1700nm & 180°FOV.

  • CR2-RA is a 90° right-angle Cosine Receptor cube.

  • CR2-AP is a 10% aperture for the CR2 that extends the system dynamic range by an order of magnitude, thus enabling spectral measurements of sources that are 10 times brighter.

  • CR-LENS is a cosine receptor lens assembly that reduces the field of view from 180 degrees to asmall spot. Adjustable focus allows variable distance from target surface such as OLED displays.

  • CR1-UVN is a 1/2" diameter UV-VIS-NIR cosine receptor designed for use as a target surface for laser measurement. CR1-UVN can also be used as a general purpose diffuser (transmission approx 10%) for many applications.

  • CR2-OR is a CR2 with special O-Ring seal for underwater applications.

  • CR2-TP miniature tripod for mounting the CR2CR1-UVN, or IC2.


Cosine Receptor PDF

Integrating Spheres are used to measure light emissions including radiant or luminous flux or light reflectance from sample surfaces. An integrating spheres most important property is ability to uniformlyscatter or diffuse light Light rays incident on any point on the inner surface are, by multiple scattering reflections, distributed equally to all other such points and effects of the original direction of such light are minimized. 

Irradiance Calibrations can be performed by StellarNet using NIST traceable lamps (IRRAD-CAL) or by the customer using SpectraWiz software. Applications include light source characterization of spectral intensity distribution, color temperature, xy chromaticity, dominant wavelength (and more), for LED, laser, solar, industrial lighting, and any type of light emission.

  • IC2 is a 2” cube with internal integrating sphere. It has 5/8” input port and SMA fiber optic output. Another SMA input can be used for reflectance illumination. Select the CR2-TP miniature tripod for mounting the IC2 for alignment and repeatable measurement.

  • IS6 is a 6” integrating sphere with a 2.0” input port, 1 SMA fiber optic output, and internal white coating.

    - The IS-Lamp is a Calibrated Miniature 10 Watt fiber optic VIS-NIR light source mounted on a 2" port cap, 400-1050nm, NIST traceable. Includes lamp with data file used to calibrate the system for total flux measurements in watts/nm and lumens/nm.

    - The IS-SMA is a SMA connector mounted on a 2" port cap with internal white coating. Allows direct connect of SMA terminating optical fibers

    - The IS-RED is a 2" port cap with reduced sized 1" diameter aperture with internal white coating 

  • IS12 is a 12” integrating sphere that allows for internal
    mounting of devices for light measurement such as discrete
    LEDs, arrays, and bulbs. The sphere opens for simple
    access to mounting devices. IS12 Sphere includes lamp
    with data file used to calibrate the system for total flux
    measurements in watts/nm and lumens/nm.

Integrating Sphere PDF

Cuvette Holders and Flow Cells
  • CUV1 is a 4-way fiber optic cuvette holder used for transmission, absorbance, fluorescence, and color measurements in liquids. Includes 2 UV grade collimating lenses

  • CUV-F is a fiber optic cuvette holder for SL1-LED excitation with 2 collimating lens for measuring fluorescence. F600Y fiber included for dual pickup. Note: SL1-LED light source and spectrometer are also pictured.

  • MFC is a mini flow cell with 10mm optical path length with fused silica windows (optional Ultem, Plexiglas, Steel, Teflon or PEEK). Optional 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100-mm optical path lengths

  • MFFC is a mini fluorescence flow cell that has a fiber optic cable input to send excitation energy through a fused silica window into a 2-mm inner-diameter sample compartment. Emitted energy is collected by a second fiber, oriented at 90°, that connects to a spectrometeconfigured for fluorescence.
  • CUV-TEMP is a temperature controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence & absorbance measurements from -30 °C to +105 °C. Price includes qpod sample compartment, two imaging lenses, two collimating lenses, two mirror plugs, submersible pump, cover with access cap, tubing, cables and a stir bar.
  • QCV-5 Package of 5 Quartz cuvettes with 1cm path length

Cuvette Holders PDF

Probes and Accessories
Dip Probes
  • DP400-VISNIR is dip probe with 400um fiber, 10mm path length tip, integrated mode scrambler to improve measurement repeatability.
  • DP400-UVVIS-SR is a dip probe for UV applications with 400um fiber, 10mm path length tip, integrated mode scrambler to improve measurement repeatability.
  • DP-TIP are replaceable dip probe tips for DP400 dip probe. Specify 2, 5, 10, or 20mm path. The Dip Probe Tip fixes the light path for consistent absorbance / transmission measurements, and is easily changed to shorter or longer path tips to measure lower or higher concentrations.

Dip Probe PDF

Reflectance Probes
  • R600-8-VisNIR is a Reflectance Probe for VIS-NIR with 7 optical fibers bundled around 1 600μm fiber.  For reflectance measurements the 7 exterior fibers are illuminated by a high output power light source (SL1, SL3, or SL4) and the interior fiber is the read fiber that collects reflected light and returns the signal to the spectrometer.

  • R600-8-UVVIS-SR is a Reflectance Probe for UV and Visible wavelengths; 7 around 1 with 600μm fibers.

  • RPH1 is a Reflectance Probe Holder block that maintains a 45 degree angle and user set distance from sample (0-3/4").

  • RPH2 is a Reflectance Probe Holder block that maintains a 45 and/or 90 degree angle and user set distance from sample (0-3/4").

  • RPH3 is a Reflectance Probe Holder stand for 90° angle measurements.

  • RTIP45 is a black plastic tip has 45 degree angle and slides onto reflectance probe and locks to set position.

  • RS50 is a 50mm diameter white reflectance standard made of Halon. It is used to take reference measurements using the R600 Reflectance Probes. The white standard will reflect >97% of the light from 300-1700nm.

Reflectance Probe PDF

Fluorescence Probes and Accessories
  • R600-8-UVVIS-SR is a dual purpose fluorescence/reflectance probe with 7 optical fibers bundledaround 1 600μm fiber.  For fluorescence measurements the 7 exterior fibers are illuminated by a high output excitation source such as our SL1-LED and the interior fiber collects light emission and returns the signal to the spectrometer. Inline filters can be added to the system to remove excitation frequency artifacts.
  • RPH3 can also be used as a Fluorescence Probe Holder stand for direct excitation of solid and powdered fluorescence agents.

Reflectance/Fluorescence Probe PDF

Metrology Accessories

Transmission Fixtures

  • TXF-1 Transmission Fixture includes 2 UV grade collimating lenses, aligned and fixed 1cm pathlength.

  • TXF-4 includes two collimating lenses which allows the sample to be oriented vertically as shown above. The standard fixture allows a
    variable pathlength from 0 to 7cm. Custom posts can be designed to increase pathlength

    - Interchangeable parts allow the TXF-4 to be easily converted into the RPH-3 using the same base and stand.

  • TXF-IC2 Vertical transmission fixture with variable path length, includes 1 collimating lens and 1 miniature 2" integrating sphere with 5/8" port. The integrating sphere collector is useful when measuring the transmission of thick samples such as bulletproof glass or samples with curved surfaces such as lenses. 




Transmission Fixture PDF
Adjustable Transmission Fixture PDF

Reflectance Fixtures
  • RFX-1 reflectance fixture with integrated 10 watt halogen bulb for VIS-NIR. Place samples on top of fixture for real-time reflectance analysis. Collimating lens reduces sample spot size to 5mm and feeds the SMA-905 fiber optic interface to the spectrometer
  • RFX-2 reflectance fixture with integrated 10,000 hour 5 watt halogen bulb for VIS-NIR. No collimating lens increases sample spot size to 20mm for the SMA-905 fiber optic interface to the spectrometer. Ideal for delta-E* color measurements. Ultimate stability achieved with 2 stage bulb power supply
  • RFX-3D is similar to the RFX-1 with 3 fiber connectors to spectrometer each positioned 120 degrees in a circle thus eliminating the need to rotate coarse grain samples. Reflectance from 3 positions is combined using special 3-to-1 fiber for spectrometer.

Reflectance Fixture PDF
Reflectance Fixture Price List


Fiber Optic Cables
  • Single strand, multimode fiber optic cables are available with SMA905 connectors, ¼ inch diameter.steel mono-coil armor with black PVC jacket. Sizes include 400, 600, or 1000μm core diameters
  • Standard lengths are 1 and 2 meters
  • Custom lengths are available with a minimum pricof a 1 meter fiber (extra delivery time also)
  • F400-UVVis-SR, F600-UVVis-SRand F1000-UVVis-SR-1 Solarization resistant fibers available for deep UV applications below 400nm available in all diameters
  • F400-VISNIR, F600-VISNIR, and F1000-VISNIR-1 are low OH fibers (400-2200 nm) are needed for VIS-NIR applications. They offer lowest possible internal light attenuation.  Intended for applications with long fiber lengths, available in all diameters
  • Specialty fibers available for various applications. Y-cables to couple 2 spectrometer systems, Y-bundled cables to couple 2 light sources, 1 to 3 splitter cables, and all types of custom fibers to meet your application.

Fiber Optic Cable PDF

Lenses and Couplers
  • LENS-COL is a collimating lens for the VIS-NIR ranges. It attaches to the end of a fiber optic cable or directly to a spectrometer with a SMA-Coupler. Field of view is approximately 3 degrees
  • LENS-QCOL is a collimating lens for the UV-VIS-NIR ranges. It attaches a fiber optics directly or to a spectrometer with a SMA-Coupler. Field of view is approximately 3 degrees.
  • SMA-Coupler allows accessories, such as collimating lenses or cosine receptors, to attach directly to a spectrometer without the need for fiber optic cables.
  • Splice Bushing is used to adjoin two fiber optic cables together.



Lenses and Couplers PDF

  • SMA-FC is and adapter used to adjoin optical components with different connection types, SMA-905 and FC.

  • SMA-C-Mount to SMA-905 adapter allows connection of the spectrometer to other optical devices such as microscopes and telescopes.

  • VFT is fiber optic Vacuum Feed Through600 micron UV/VIS, mounted on a 275" CF Flange with male SMA-905 connectors on each end. Many other options available
Portability Options
Battery Packs
  • BP1 is a Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 5400mA/h, 2 x 5V out. Ultimate Portability using the light weight BP1/BP2 battery pack for field work. Long Life rechargeable battery pack BP1 provides over 5 hours of continuous spectral acquisition for RED-Wave NIR-InGaAs spectrometer with TEC or 20 hours with TEC off or when using other spectrometer models.

  • BP2 is a Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with7400mA/h, 2 x 5V & 2 x 12V out. BP2 adds on 2 additional 12V power outputs to operate 2 spectrometers and 2 light sources. The BP2 can power the SL1 and the SL5 lamps.


Battery Packs PDF


Instrument Case

  • Instrument Case is watertight, crushproof, and dust proof.  It has easy to open double throw latches and padlock protectors. Pack your StellarNet spectroscopy equipment for field measurements.Dimensions are 6.75" x 11.18" x 6.12" (42.5 x 28.4 x 15.5 cm).


  • RS50 is a 50mm diameter white reflectance standard made of Halon. It is used to take reference measurements using the R400 Reflectance Probe. The white standard will reflect >97% of the light from 300-1700nm.
  • RS-HR High-reflectivity Specular Reflectance Standard is a mirrored, fused-silica standard that can be used as a reference when measuring surfaces with high specular reflectance such as optical substrates, coatings, and metals

  • TF-STD1 Thin Film standards for thickness measurement verification. Includes Si substrate for reference with 2 additional substrates with 100nm and 1000nm thickness of SIO2. Additional thickness standards (10nm and 10,000nm) can be added to the set for $100 each.

Other Accessories
  • Laser Safety Goggles