Medical Laser Lamps & Cavities

Medical Laser Lamps

We provide the solid-state laser industry with comprehensive selection of laser lamp available. All lamps provide optimum performance and reliability. The product codes of the laser lamp is arranged accordingly to their use in the various types laser machines in the industry.


Part No.Laser MachineBrand
LLX-S1311 Flashlamp for sharplan Ruby 5000 SHARPLAN
LLX-737 Laser Lamp for Lumenis Erbium, with red/black wire LUMENIS
LL-NL7202 Fotona QX Max Flash Lamp Fotona
LLK-S7060 Laser lamp for Fotona Fidelis (1J) FOTONA
LL-SXF1265F Flash Lamp, Fidelis/Dualis Fotona
LL-S7060 Flash Lamp, Fidelis M320A Fotona
LLK-S9551 Cynosure, Apogee CYNOSURE
LLK-S7716 Continuum Surelite II, Powerlite 7010, 7020, 7030, 8010(oscillator), 203-0035 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 203-0035 end_of_the_skype_highlighting CONTINUUM/QUANTEL U.S.A
LLK-S8047 Laser Lamp for Medilite IV,Continuum 203-0032 model: hoya/con-bio CONTINUUM
LL-S8047 Flash Lamp, Fl711-09, C6 Con-Bio
LLK-S8511 Laser lamp for Candela model: Gentlelase CANDELA LASER


*For Customized lamp,pls provide us technical specification using attached Form.


Laser Cavities

Laser cavities provides solid state laser users with the largest selection of retrofit pump cavities currently available. Gold and ceramic are preferred cavity reflectors used in most laser systems.

Over the life time of the gold cavity, the reflective efficiency will reduce due to surface damage, contaminant deposits and possible corrosion. Providing that the reflective surfaces are not mechanically damaged, the cavity can be salvaged and re-plated. The cavities are then under plated with Nickel and over plated with LaserGold.

Part NumberDescriptionLaser Rail
CEPALS35ST Cavity End Plate, Teflon ALC35, ALO35, ALS35 (Old Model)
CEPALS35ST Cavity End Plate, Teflon ALS35S, SL50, SL50P
CEPALS75G Cavity End Plate, Gold SL75, SL75P, SL120P