Laser Doppler Vibrometer

Currently we offer a series of fiber-type single-point, multi-point and remote laser vibrometer systems which FPGA processors are used for digital demodulation.In comparing to the mainstream of German products on the market, on the measurement accuracy, resolution, our systems are practicality better. Synchronous multi-point non-contact vibration measurement has been a problem in the field of optical measurement, currently in the market almost all of the products are only single-point measurements.

In order to obtain a two-dimensional modal, multi-use scan mode measurements. This approach can only be used to measure steady-state vibration, and in the practical application of transient or vibration coupling abound, measure these vibrations are scanning method cannot be done. Hence we introduce a new multi-point laser vibrometer system based on years of research on vibration measurements can be synchronized up to 16 points. This patented technology is a breakthrough in the field of optical measurement.

Also in the remote vibration measurements, we introduce a single point system that measures the distance upto 300 meters, and uses a unique targeting technology, without the need for coaxial output visible through the LCD screen to achieve a stable and reliable The targeting. It allows users to carry out their own regular calibration, always keep aiming accuracy.



In addition, in the vibration measurement instrument market, all companies can provide instruments with basic operator training to customers, but does not provide non-obligation customer solutions advices, namely how to use the purchased equipment to solve practical problems. And in fact most of the clients who does vibration measurement, does not fully understand all the parameters of the Vibrometer, they may not choose the right system to solve their problems, and they may not fully aware what is available in the market too. Our technical team has nearly two decades of experience in optical measurement, we can help the customer to choose the system according to the actual needs of users, the can also provide practical solutions that enable customers to produce real benefits of investment


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Current optical vibration measurement systems in the market have two key limitations: Firstly most of them can only perform single point measurement. Secondly, they are often lack of operating range. We has invented a new technique that allows simultaneous multi-point vibration measurement. This technology allows measurement of transient events on various points and objects.

We has also developed a novel laser aiming technology that can alleviate the difficulty of aiming invisible eye-safe laser beam on the targets. This solves a key challenge in performing long distance laser vibration measurement.

Advanced vibration measurement technologies have significant impacts on applications in:

Aeronautics and Space Industry.....Structural testing is a part of aerospace product design and manufacturing, as it is essential to ensure the performance, quality and reliability in the aerospace products. Optical vibration measurement system can be applied in ground vibration testing, material and fatigue testing, engine testing for noise and vibration analysis and control.


Automotive.....Optical vibration measurement systems have been used extensively in automotive industry, such as monitoring of structural dynamics, brake diagnostics, and quantification of noise, vibration and harshness.


Hard-disk Drive Diagnostics.....Optical vibration measurement systems have widely been used in the analysis of hard disk drives, specifically on read-write head.


Micro- and Nano-structure Analysis.....Combined with microscope, optical vibration measurement systems have been successfully used to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of micro- and nano-structures, such as MEMS components.


Civil Structure Analysis.....Remote vibration measurement of bridges, rotating turbines of wind-mill generators, high towers and tall building were regularly carried out for civil structure safety analysis.

Medical and Health Care.....Optical vibration measurement system can assist with eardrum diagnostics and research on the middle and inner ear. In addition, the systems have been used for vibration measurement on artificial heart values, mechanical properties of tendons, analysis of vibrations while bone drilling or medical laser ablation, and detection of bone crack propagation.


QC in Manufacturing.....Optical vibration measurement system has been widely used for cutting tool vibration control and quality control in mechanical fabrication.