Laser Power Probes

Portable Laser Power Probes

The low cost power probes give simple and accurate power laser measurements up to 10KW and 10KW/cm².  These laser sensors have been designed for laser job shops applications and for IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light) measurement. The laser power probes series by Laser Point  are simple to use, highly accurate but also economical instruments. LaserPoint’s automatic laser power probes calculate laser power by a microprocessor based measurement of temperature dynamics. The time needed to carry out a measurement is self-determined: data acquisition is triggered and stopped by detecting pre-set heat parameters thresholds. This technique is totally free from  induced errors due to wrong measurements of exposure times and may allow multiple measurements without the need of forcing cooling to the absorber.Those instruments are handheld, stand-alone units made of a thermal probe connected to an electronics and its display.Laser Point laser power probes include three series : the FIT series quick power check of low-med power lasers , the Cronos series  for  high powers and the FIT- IPL-R designed to measure the energy of Intense Pulsed Light medical devices, simply yet accurately.

• Handheld Low-Med High Power Laser Probes: the FIT Series

Fully automatic, low power probe series
3 models cover from 500mW to 500W.
• dual wavelength (CO2 and Yag) ,
• 4sec to measure and display
• ±1% repeatability
• ±3% accuracy
• 10 mW resolution on 50W probe
• Recalibration possible by User

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• Handheld High Power Laser Probes: the Cronos Series

3 models cover  from 1.5W to 10kW
•  dual wavelength (CO2 and Yag) ,
• 8sec to measure and display
• ±2% repeatability (±5% for 5 and 10KW models) 
• ±4% accuracy
• 1W resolution on 10KW probe
•  Recalibration possible by User

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 Handheld Laser Probe for Energy and Power in IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light) Applications: FIT-IPL-R

Fit-IPL-R can measure single shot energies of flash-lamps up to 350 Joules or the average power up to 100W
Fit-IPL-R innovative measurement concept reduces the. with and associated with a wide dynamic range of measurement  (down to 1% of f.s.).
• Measurements of Pulsed Energy 7-350J
• average powers, when in burst mode operation, up to 100 W.
• ±1% repeatability
• ±3% accuracy
• 10 sec is time of measurement and display data
• high resolution (10 mW and 100mJ)
• output in J/cm2 (Fluence) with optional, laser drilled 1cm2 bore

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