OEM Thermal Sensors

OEM Solutions for Laser Power Measurement

Laser Point’s OEM laser power/energy measurement instruments can be mounted into any industrial or medical host system.

Laser Point pioneered its first laser OEM sensors discs in the early nineties and, strong of its vast experience obtained  with a joint work with OEM customers, it is  since then serving a number of important clients worldwide with laser measurement products tailored to their precise  specifications .




• Advantages of Laser Point’s  solutions

Fast Technical Support

If you do not find in the catalog what you need today, we can design  custom sensors, housings and electronics that fit to your requirements. Ask our Application Engineers for technical support: we have a full knowledge of optics, lasers, thermal behaviors, materials to cover your requests.

Reliable and accurate solutions

Laser Point’s OEM sensors are based on reliable and accurate thermopile technology.

These thermal sensors  have a faster response than thermoelectric devices  and have a more extended  wavelength  range than silicon detectors. Their materials do not degrade with time and, if correctly used,  they can work for years with the same performances; a number of suitable laser absorbers which do not change absorptivity and  do not burn under high power density lasers are available for any application.

Compact  Proposals

Laser Point provides off-the-shelf or custom designed sensors and heads with the smallest reacheble footprint to match your space constraints.

NIST  PTB Traceable Calibrations

All OEM sensors and heads undergo to a series in house inspections and controls, which include individual tests of sensitivity and impedance. A full calibration, with NIST or PTB traceability, is available on request.
A commitment to servicing with quality products, prompt deliveries and after sales assistance is another support provided by LaserPoint on which customers can rely on.

Many possible configurations

OEM solutions can be delivered with several possible configurations in order to better match customer’s budget, connectivity  or other technical requirements :

  • OEM   Discs  and ThermalSensors exiting with a natural analog output signal
  • OEM Thermal S•ensors  with Built-in electronics providing an amplified analog output
  • S•ensor with RS232 and with USB Connectivity
  • Sensors with a  complete  readout instrument, including display, PC interface and SW

• OEM Discs and Power/Energy Sensors

oem discs

The Engineering Team in Laser Point has developed solutions  that offer all levels of integration in OEM laser measurement that include:

  • Off-the-shelf sensor discs, with active areas up to 25mm.
  • Compact design sensor discs embedded in  thermally modelled housings with optimized heat removal, with max sizes 60x60x30mm
  • Complete OEM Thermal Heads with analogue amplifying and speed-up circuit to increase the natural sensor’s response  time  to approx. 1sec.
  • OEM Thermal heads with RS-232 or USB connectivity (the PC-Plug series ).

• OEM  Laser Power Probes (FIT-H  Series)

OEM laser power probesFor all those OEM applications where a quick, occasional and non-continuous monitoring  of laser power is sufficient,  Laser Point has designed the Fit-H family of sensors. They provide the laser power value in 4-6 sec and do not need  water cooling even at 6K. The Fit-H sensors, when integrated in laser machines, can be used to compare  their readings against those on the laser controller,  quickly providing a picture of ongoing  degradations  and incoming failures  in optical components and beam lines .

The Fit-H sensors have accuracy and repeatability comparable  to  standard power sensors,  at a  fraction of their cost  and can be associated  to the  LPM electronics or to Pc-Plugs Rs232 or USB.


• OEM Electronics, Displays and SW

LaserPoint has developed various electronic solutions and SW tools for conditioning the signals of laser sensors or to analyse and transfer information to the control units of lasers or laser systems. These electronic products can be  small electronics meters, enclosed modules, or complex boards with data acquisitions SW.


• OEM Sensors  with Rs232 and USB Interfacing

OEM sensors with rs232 and usb interfacingLaser power and energy sensors are  now available in a new miniaturized electronics  integrated within an RS-232 or USB 2.0 plug-in connector at the extremity of the sensor’s cable. This cost effective and embedded OEM integration  has been designed to give the ability of viewing laser measurement data on a PC.
Designed to meet the needs of OEM users, these new meterless laser power and energy sensors combine the demand for more compact and economical machine measuring devices.

This State of the Art  technology,  associated to  industry leading Laser Point sensors with their high accuracy, superior  damage thresholds, large active areas and high dynamic range offer to OEM customers :

  • the flexibility of RS232 and USB PC interfacing
  • the most compact size for the complete sensor & electronics
  • Easy ASCII host commands

• OEM Analogue Amplifier Board

OME analogue amplifier boardThis ultra-compact product fulfils diverse OEM requirements being a  circuit board, used for example internally to our  AH series heads, which amplifies and  speeds up response times of sensors discs.
A main feature is the possibility to vary  sensors sensitivities, via a variable resistor, to make all detectors equally performing.
The board also  offers fast response times, high sensitivity, accuracy and linearity.


• Rack Mount OEM Board:  the Laser Process Monitor (LPM)

Rack mount oem board

The LPM monitors  the constancy of applied power or energy levels: whenever the pre-set limits have been overtaken, alarms signals are delivered. Its most popular use is for laser power monitoring below the focusing head of industrial machines :

  • Does not cause any affection and stop in manufacturing,
  • Provide knowledge of power/ energy effectively  delivered to the workpiece ,
  • Allows a cross-check of information between the process area and the laser controller.

The adoption of an LPM within a laser machine will add the following advantages:

  • Provides a cost saving   predictive maintenance.
  • Eliminates costly working downturns
  • Improves process reliability
  • Simplifies alignment of optical components
  • Controls system stability over time
  • Monitors repeatability of process parameters

The OEM LPM ( Laser Process Monitor) meter is completely opto-isolated to work in harsh industrial environment. It can be purchased as a board set for rack mount installation in the host system or embedded in shielded metal case.
Output communication can be via RS232 digital port or analog voltage/ current connections  and has  I/O Interface ( to PLC, Alarm Lamps, Alarm Switches).


 Laser Power and Energy Meter : PLUS Monitor  

PLUS monitorWhenever an easy to be used device and a display are needed in a laser machine or a host system, the PLUS power and energy meter can be used  as an instrument to be installed on board. Communication with the host system is via its USB digital output. A 0-2V analog  output is available.
The application SW allows to set working thresholds to generate alarms and a GO/NO GO to the machine. It also bears statistical functions (min, max, avg, RMS,PTP) and an unlimited capacity of data recording.
The PLUS can work with all Laser Point’s Power and  Energy Sensors and Laser Probes with the exception of Photodetectors  and Quadrant Sensors(QA series)


• Application SW for  LPM and PLUS: PLUS-SOFT and LPM-SOFT

software application for lpm and plusBoth Plus-Soft and LPM-Soft  are powerful application softwares supplied as standard and free of charge  with each PLUS- USB andLPM (Laser Process Monitor) unit
Both softwares provide graphs that plot  how behavior of laser power changes with time, allows laser tuning, show the absolute values of power and energy, provide all relevant statistical information and allow the storage of data to files, as a text format usable for Excel or other programs.
The Plus-Soft and LPM Soft also allow the possibility to control the constancy of laser power/energy on the ongoing laser process; an alarm feedback is displayed once the acceptable band of  power/energy for a correct operation has exceeded the pre-set limits.

 • USB to PC Interface: the PC-Link Power / Energy Meter

The PC-Link is a USB interface that converts any PC or laptop into a powerful power  and energy measurement instrument fully exploiting, in this case, the  convenience, flexibility and value of computer-based operations.
The advanced features of PC-Linkassociated  to its small size and low weight, make this monitor an ideal tool for service applications, laboratory or OEM use.
In OEM applications, the PC-Link is a precious partner when associated to Laser Point’s FIT-H family of  OEM detectors, that work up to 6KW without the need of water cooling.
PC-Links are supplied with user-friendly communication software packages for single channel or dual channel operations.
  Measured data can be saved on a file for future use.
The Laser Tuning display of PC-Links is used to achieve high resolution laser alignments. While the analogue needle fast indicates the direction of tuning, the actual power and the maximum reached value are also shown on the display.
The evolution of the tuning session is shown on the lower graph.