Meterless Sensors

The Pc-Plug Series: Next-Gen Power / Energy Meters are now in a Memory Stick

Laser Point is introducing  the Pc-Plug series, its next generation of instruments for laser measurement where the complete electronics has been embedded  in a shell having the size of a  memory stick, ready for  connection to PCs. Any PC can thus become a Meterless Power / Energy Measuring System. This new microelectronics circuitry, available  as a USB  or RS-232 plug, is integrated in the cable exiting from the sensor head.

The result of this approach is a new family of measurement instruments that have a smaller footprint,  are more economical and can be  easily embedded in laser systems,  either they are laboratory setups or  machines. With simple plug and play functionality and with a lower investment cost, Laser Point's  Pc-Plugs provide all the effectiveness and power of signal processing,  software features and data displaying of  most sophisticated power measurement instruments.

The Pc-Plug sensors have been designed to face a broad range of applications:

  • They can be immediately installed as power measurement stations on board of laser machines, with the focus of giving Customers the combined advantage of a  lower cost,  smaller size and reduction of development time.
  • The Pc-Plug  sensors are complete and sophisticated instruments  that offer, to  integrators or machine builders, a monitor for their laser stability, statistical information, a viewer for laser tuning and a report on laser performance after servicing. 
  • These instruments are also a perfect monitoring tool  for other industrial applications such as laser burn-ins or long-term reliability testing.
  • The Pc-Plugs are space saving instruments for standard laboratory set-ups where computers are already used to control other instrumentation.
  • And they are the best choice for service engineers  who, always on travel with their laptop computer, will no longer need to carry  separate instruments and additional weight.