Thermal Laser Sensors

Sensors  for  Power and Single Shot Energy

Laser Point  supplies sensors  with two different  technologies: Thermal sensors and  Photodiode sensors. Thermal sensors are  used from microwatts  up to thousands of watts. Thermal sensors can also measure single shot energy; in particular , for  higher pulse rates and high energy pulses, Laser Point provides  special thermal sensors capable  to measure pulse with energy densities of  30J/cm2 and max peak power densities of  100GW/cm2.
Photodiode sensors are used for low powers from nanowatts up to hundreds of milliwatts .
A new family of thermal sensors manufactured by Laser Point  measures laser beam position to 0.1mm accuracy in addition to laser power. The measurement of laser position is important for alignment of laser beams on complex optical paths where many elements have to be placed in line with great accuracy.


 Low Thermal Laser Sensors with High Sensitivity for very low powers : 10uW to 2W (Click for Details)

Low noise and low drift thermal sensors that accurately measure low laser powers over a broad  wavelength  range. They can also be used to measure low single shot laser energies down to 200µJ.


• Low Power Thermal Sensors:  10mW to 40W  (200W short term) (Click for details)

Laser Point has a selection of measurement sensors for low average laser powers, for continuous or pulsed sources having  beam sizes up to 60mm. Sensors are so robust that  a version of  the 40 W model can be safely used up to 200 W.


• Laser Thermal Sensors for Power and Beam Position (Click for Details)

Laser Point applied for a patent for the first thermal detector that combines power, position and beam diameter in a single and compact laser sensor as far as 1997 ; a second patent for the detection of the same parameters was announced in 2006. As a fall-out of this extensive R&D activity a whole family of high accuracy but simplified sensors was released in 2010.This new family of detectors  was aimed for those applications that  require accurate beam centering, tracking of beam wander, monitoring of beam drifts  and  alignment of optical elements, other than beam power.
 The QA  sensors line measures power from 10W f.s. to 6KW f.s.; in addition, the sensor tracks beam position down to 100µm. The small footprint  and ease of use allow an immediate integration within any optical setup.


• Laser Thermal Sensors for Pulsed and High Energy Density Lasers (Click for Details)

This series includes very high damage threshold sensors  specifically designed for use with very high energy/high peak power lasers; they have been optimized for lasers  like Ruby ,Nd:YAG and its Harmonics, Erbium and Ho: YAG. Laser Point’s sensors operate with laser beams up to 40  mm in diameter.
Mod. A30-D12-SHC-L and Mod. 10-BB-D12-L can work in even more demanding conditions like 30GW/cm2 peak power densities and 8J/cm2  energy densities in repetitive regimes : for this they have been provided with a removable beam expander and the best of our absorbers; these sensors can directly absorb very narrow beams at 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm and 266 nm without the need to change diffusers, beamsplitters or  other accessories.


•  Thermal Sensors for Excimer Lasers (Click for Details)

This family of Laser Point’s Thermal  Power Sensors is designed for a power range up to 600 W and the 190 nm to 400nm  wavelength range. Their unique  Excimer Absorber  provides  increased damage threshold and high repetition rate operation under long term UV exposure.  Excimer Laser Sensors feature high accuracy and large active areas (up to 50 mm)

• Laser Thermal Sensor for Medium Powers (Click for Details)

Laser Point offers a broad range of  laser thermal sensors for medium powers. They are supplied with a variety of apertures  to accept large beams, e.g. from laser diodes stacks,  and with the most robust laser coating available on the market today: Laser Point’s SHC.
The 600 W, air cooled, detector with its outstanding linearity  and the capacity to work up to 800W, short term, is another technological goal from Laser Point. This product line includes:
Low-medium range thermal sensors:  up to 200W, apertures from 25 to 60 mm.
Laser power sensors for low-medium  CW or pulsed lasers powers; intermittent use up to 300W .
Medium Power Thermal Sensors: 300 and 500W, apertures 60mm and 70mm
Laser measurement sensors for large beams and higher CW or pulsed lasers powers. Intermittent use up to 700W .
Medium-High Power Fan and Water Cooled Thermal Sensors: 600W, apertures 30mm, 40mm and 60mm
Compact fan  and water cooled laser measurement sensors for continuous use at higher laser powers. Intermittent use up to 800W.

• Laser Thermal Sensors for High Powers (Click for Details)

This family includes water cooled,  high power thermal laser measurement sensors up to 6KW, and apertures to 55mm. They are compact, robust and linear sensors for the highest laser powers and  are supplied   with the most robust laser coatings available on the market today, among which Laser Point’s SHC.

• Photodiode based  Laser Sensors (Click for Details)

Laser Point’s photodiode sensors for laser measurement  can measure powers between 100nW and 500mW and cover a spectral range between 200nm  to 1800nm.  Their aperture is 9.5mm. Wavelength calibration data is saved into the system and allows wavelength setting every 1nm.